Recommend suspension of fake milk powder doctor

China online finance and economics may 13 news according to the website of the State Administration of market supervision, recently, media reported that aiyingfang mother and baby shop in Yongxing County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province, sold a solid drink to children with milk allergy as special medical food, falsely publicized special functions and suspected of consumption fraud. The General Administration of market supervision attaches great importance to it, and instructs the market supervision department of Hunan Province to thoroughly investigate the businesses involved, impose strict and severe punishment according to law, and timely announce the investigation results to the society.
Solid beverage is a common food, not infant formula milk powder, not to mention formula food for special medical use. Its protein and nutrient content is far lower than infant formula milk powder and formula food for special medical use.
According to the food safety law, infant formula milk powder and formula food for special medical purposes are special food. In China, strict registration management and factory batch inspection are carried out to ensure the quality and safety. When purchasing infant food, consumers should pay attention to check the label and choose the right products.