The 12th anniversary of Wenchuan earthquake

Unconsciously, 12 years have passed since the Wenchuan earthquake!
Time flies, time flies, and in an instant it will be 12 years.
At that moment, the mountains and rivers trembled and the whole country was sad.
At one time, the whole country was in full swing.
I still remember that in May 2008, I was still in senior two of the key high schools in my hometown. At that time, there was no mobile phone, computer or iPad. There are no communication tools or electronic devices on hand to receive external messages.
I remember very clearly that day, at noon, Wang and his classmates had hu la Tang in the canteen, which was a little spicy. I didn’t eat much. When I left the canteen, I bought two steamed buns to take back to the classroom.
High school is a heavy burden, especially for our children in Henan, the pressure is greater. So we will be arranged a lot of homework at noon. To be honest, I didn’t know how I survived at that time. If I want to study so hard now, I’m afraid my body won’t be able to bear it.
When I came back from the canteen, I took three minutes to eat the two steamed buns I bought with soybean paste from my hometown. He began to do his homework without stopping.
In summer, the small town of Southwest Henan in May is already very hot. Moreover, there are more than 100 people in the class, which is extremely crowded and the air is not hot.
After writing the paper for a while, I was a little sleepy. The time was 14:05. I remember it very clearly because I had a watch at that time.
I want to lie on my desk and squint for a while, because we have class at 14:30 in the afternoon.
I just felt like I was being pushed (not aware of the earthquake) just after I lay down. I still thought, which one is not interesting, just when I fell asleep, I came out to make trouble for me.
At this time, I didn’t realize what had happened, and I didn’t straighten up, because I thought maybe they were just pranks, and I just ignored them.
I don’t know who it is. At this time, I shouted. It was an earthquake. Everyone ran out of the teaching building and stood on the open space beside the teaching building. One or two brave students were still in the classroom at this time, and didn’t escape from the danger because of the earthquake.
Half an hour later, I was told by a smart classmate that there was an earthquake in Sichuan that his sister told him in Beijing.
At this time, I realized that an earthquake really happened, but it’s not clear how big the magnitude and the scope of the impact are.
After two hours in the open space, at 16:38 p.m., the teacher informed us that we could go back to the classroom to study. We started the boring high school life as usual.
It seems that this earthquake has nothing to do with us.
The next day, a picture of the earthquake was shown on the TV in the canteen, at which time the seriousness of the situation was known.
Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the whole country worked together to help Wenchuan.
Under the leadership of the teacher, our school also organized a fund-raising activity. The cyst shy me, only donated 20 yuan, although the money is few, the heart is sincere.
Time really passed quickly. I was a senior high school student at that time. I experienced college entrance examination, from bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, to doctor’s degree now. In 12 years, for my family, there have been earth shaking changes.
In the past 12 years, great changes have taken place in Wenchuan, which is not Wenchuan yesterday. Home reconstruction, life restart, the strong flavor of life in the past Wenchuan has restored vitality.
Wenchuan, nice!