An open letter from a nurse assisting Hubei

Hello! I am a respiratory nurse from Wuhan hospital. We have 42000 medical aid workers and local colleagues in Hubei Province saving lives day and night! I’d like to write you a letter about the story of Wuhan.
The day of departure for Wuhan is the Chinese New Year’s Eve, just like the American Christmas Eve. This is the most important day for family reunion in China, but I am a medical staff, saving lives is our vocation and commitment. With such an idea in mind, my 42000 medical staff and I left their families without hesitation, rushed to Wuhan from all directions, and began to fight for life with the God of death.
This sudden outbreak is threatening. At the beginning, our medical supplies were very tight. In order to save money, even if we were already sweating and even suffocating to dizziness and nausea, we would not be willing to take off our protective clothing to breathe. So I feel the same when I see some doctors in the United States can only use plastic bags as protective clothing. When I saw the bereaved family members of the American medical staff holding the photos and crying, I felt extremely sad.
The hardest days are over. The most gratifying thing for me is to see more and more patients cured and discharged, especially those old people with grey hair. Like our parents, we care for every old man. We do not abandon or give up. We have cured more than 3600 elderly patients over 80 years old in Hubei Province. I’m really happy and proud, because they worked hard for our life today, and I have the opportunity to go all out for their life today.
In Wuhan, from the age of 108 to the age of only 30 hours, we are doing our best to treat the elderly. It’s our duty to help the wounded! Life is above everything!
Mr. President, this is the story that happened in Wuhan.
I know that at this moment, many Americans are suffering from the virus, many American medical staff are fighting for treatment, and many unknown people are caring for others in different ways. I salute them! Best wishes to the American people!
A nurse in Hubei Province
May 4, 2020