College students sun their quilts in the cloud

This special winter vacation
College students have been away from campus for too long
Dormitory that was once repugnant
Now it’s also becoming a concern
Recently, the opening time of many colleges and universities is approaching
Students can’t help worrying about the quilt and clothes that are “stranded” in the dormitory
How are you doing?
Recently, a school in Liuzhou solved a worry for the students who have not yet returned to school by the way of “cloud receiving orders”.
Do you need the warm heart quilt service? You can apply to the counselor or the hostess. After the approval of the student office, according to the weather conditions and your application, you will organize the manpower to dry in an orderly way. “This is a notice received by the students of Liuzhou City Vocational College. The students are very happy,” I want “and” I want “. The hostess in each student’s apartment receives the order quickly and gets busy all of a sudden.
According to Huang Lingfen, a teacher in the apartment management center of the student’s office, “during the epidemic period, because students can’t go back to school in advance, plus the rainy days in Liuzhou after spring, many students fed back, hoping to help them dry their quilts, so we started the” warm sun quilt “service.” On April 20, 1085 “orders” were placed in the first batch as soon as the notice of “online order receiving” bedding drying service was issued. After receiving the application, the apartment center will dispatch all the dormitory managers in a unified way. According to the principle of “taking charge of this building and considering other buildings”, the “operation of drying quilts” was officially launched on April 25.
According to the order arranged in advance, Liuzhou’s weather was cloudy and sunny during this period. As soon as the sun came out on the 25th and 26th, the warden immediately started to air the first batch of bedding applied by about 200 students, followed by other students’ bedding. As long as there is the sun, the students’ quilts will be dried out at the first time. Each quilt should be dried for at least 3 hours.
In order to avoid confusion and mistakes, teachers and staff specially prepared a batch of labels to “label” each quilt to ensure that the quilts are correctly placed. In the process of drying the quilt, you will turn over the quilt and knock and beat the quilt from time to time. The division of labor within the group is clear. It is responsible for the whole process of cleaning railings, taking quilts, clamping labels, drying quilts, and taking back quilts. Work together to let everyone’s quilts not only bask in the sun, but also keep clean, and finally return to the original place.
City Vocational College Campus “Sun quilt” action also let students warm heart. “Thank you so much, aunt sushi!” “I’ve been paying attention to the weather in Liuzhou. It’s rainy in spring. I can’t help worrying about my quilts and pillows. I’m worried about their mildew,” said Wen, a student from the Department of economic management. When I saw the Counselor’s application for “spring sun quilt”, I filled in the form and handed it in as soon as possible! Thank you so much for your hard work, teachers and aunts
They also hope that the students will come back as soon as possible, so that the campus will be full of vitality again.
The staff of the apartment management center of the student’s office of the University said: “we have completed disinfection, sterilization and ventilation of nearly 2000 student dormitories according to the requirements of the college, inspected, debugged and maintained the water, electricity and furniture related to the students’ lives, and other public spaces in the apartment building have been killed more than once a day. The college is actively building a safe and healthy campus environment waiting for students to return to study and live. “