Wu Chunhong demands an apology

One day and one night of turbulence, from 10 a.m. to about 6 a.m. the next day, after 20 hours out of prison, Wu Chunhong went home.
This morning, the Red Star News reporter saw Wu Chunhong in his rental house. Wu Chunhong lies on the bed, his wife is by the bed, and their hands are tightly clasped.
↑ Wu Chunhong returns home
Wu Yunlei, Wu Chunhong’s son, told Red Star news that his father was released from prison at about 10 o’clock yesterday morning. He walked towards his father and was recognized by his father when he came to him. “In recent years, he has been in poor health and his eyesight has atrophied so much that one eye is almost invisible.”
Wu Yunlei said that on the way back, his father’s body was uncomfortable and his head and stomach hurt. At about 21 p.m., a group of people got off the highway in Wuhu, found a hospital, checked his father’s body and took some stomach medicine. “After a rest, they went back and hurried home.”
After Wu Chunhong was released from prison, he was with his son
When we got out of the car, Wu Chunhong’s wife and Wu Yunlei helped Wu Chunhong out of the car and helped him to his bed. Wu Yunlei said that when he arrived home, his father was always very excited and trembling. His family was comforting him all the time. “His family took turns holding him, and his mood gradually calmed down.”
At about 7 a.m., Wu Chunhong was in bed and interviewed by the Red Star News reporter.
Wu Chunhong said that he was “very excited to see his family. I want to cry a lot” and asked relevant departments to apologize publicly to him and restore his reputation, “who wronged me and who apologized to me. After 16 years in prison, there’s nothing left. “
Wu Chunhong said that he had been wronged for 16 years. When he was released from prison, he was so excited that he didn’t rest all night. On the morning of April 2, the doctor of the local hospital came to Wu Chunhong’s home and made a simple examination for Wu Chunhong. He told Wu: “have a good rest.”
On the morning of April 1, a retrial decision was made by Henan high court to acquit Wu Chunhong in the case of “poisoning and killing” 16 years ago, according to Red Star News.
According to the judgment obtained by Red Star News reporter, Henan high court held that except for Wu Chunhong’s guilty confession in the investigation stage, there was no other evidence to prove that Wu Chunhong entered Wang’s kitchen and carried out the poisoning act; Wu Chunhong’s confession’s motive and timing of the crime were unreasonable; Wu Chunhong’s confession was inconsistent with multiple details of the crime and did not There are other evidences to prove it; this case can not exclude the possibility of other people’s committing the crime; Wu Chunhong’s guilty confession is in doubt and can not be used as the basis for finalizing the case.
“The evidence that the original criterion based on the final decision did not form a complete chain, and did not meet the legal proof standard that the evidence was accurate and sufficient. The fact that Wu Chunhong committed the crime of intentional homicide in the original trial is unclear and the evidence is insufficient. ” Henan high court said in the judgment.
Wu Chunhong’s daughter, Wu Lili, previously said she would apply for state compensation according to law.