Indonesian President tested

According to the latest news from Reuters, Indonesian President Joko announced on the 15th that he would be tested for the new coronavirus.
The report also said that after Indonesia’s transport minister had previously tested positive for the virus, other ministers were also tested.
15 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in Indonesia on the 21 day, the Ministry of Health said on June 2, with a total of 117 confirmed cases, including 5 deaths and 8 cured cases.
Before President Joko of Indonesia, recently, many presidents have carried out new coronavirus detection.
Trump said at the White House press conference that he received a new coronavirus test on the night of the 13th and a body temperature test on the 14th, and the temperature test result was “completely normal”. White House doctor Conley said Thursday that President Trump’s new coronavirus test was negative.
The novel coronavirus test result of Bozo Nalo, President of Brazil, was more complicated. The Facebook page showed that the new coronavirus test results were negative. Before that, on the 13th Beijing time, foreign media reported that President bosonaro of Brazil was positive for the new crown virus. In response to the news, the son of President bosonaro of Brazil said on social media: “the president’s test has yet to produce results. There are always rumors in the media. “
The virus was also tested by President duterte of the Philippines. Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia was detected by Foreign Minister of Philippines, after two cabinet ministers announced they had been exposed to the new crown pneumonia infection and would be self isolating. Philippine President Rodrigo duterte tested negative for the new coronavirus, but the president will continue to take preventive measures to avoid infection, Philippine officials said Tuesday.