Drug APP Refund Difficulty

Recently, the online shopping complaint platform reported that some consumers bought a pair of Air Jordan 7 Retro Barcelona Night on poisonous APP. The quality problems appeared after the goods were received, but poisonous APP said to them that it was believed to be the problem of sneakers themselves, but poisonous APP was only an identification platform, which could only fulfill the inspection obligation and could not return the goods.
Hexun found that similar incidents were not the first time in toxic APP. Complaints about toxic APP emerged in endlessly in various complaint platforms. Among them, “toxic APP is difficult to return” and “toxic APP is not accepted” are high frequency phenomena.
Three unsolved problems of poisonous APP Yang Bing: user rights protection, overlord clause and identification process
In addition, toxic APP businesses complained in Black Cat that there were still “no reason to deduct margin” and “no reason to cancel orders” on toxic APP platform.
Three unsolved problems of poisonous APP Yang Bing: user rights protection, overlord clause and identification process
That is to say, once consumers buy products on poisonous APP, poisonous APP will not only provide three packages of services to consumers, but also deduct the margin of businesses. So, what is the “business” of poisonous APP?
According to Tian Eye Check data, the current CEO of Poison APP is Yang Bing, president of Hupu Sports, and the core service is “sneaker identification”, which is dedicated to creating a free community for young people to communicate, display and share.
As mentioned in the user agreement, poisonous APP and its partners provide trading places, commodity inspection and identification services for both buyers and sellers, so poisonous APP is not the subject of commodity sales. In addition, poisonous APP claims that it does not participate in the transaction as either party of the transaction and is not responsible for the user’s ability to perform the transaction, and the signing of the agreement does not mean that poisonous APP provides any guarantee for the legality and validity of the acts of both parties involved in the transaction on the platform.
This also means that consumers can buy their own delightful products on poisonous APP, but they are not guaranteed after-sales, and poisonous APP does not provide after-sales service for consumers.
But in fact, as a third-party platform, poisonous APP has also been exposed as a “distributor”, there is deception of consumers.
Tiger Sniffing Network reported that poisonous APP bought shoes from Yaxin Sports. According to Guo Yu, general manager of Yaxin Sports, poisonous APP bought Trial-sale shoes, such as KB (Kobe Bryant) basketball shoes, or Owen’s sneakers. When poisonous APP is pre-sold, the price will be higher than the market price, so they can sell a lot of products. It is also worth mentioning that poisonous APP has bought shoes from Yaxin Sports more than once.
This shows that poisonous APP not only sells shoes, but also has the suspicion of fried shoes.
Industry commentators believe that there are many third-party platforms in the Internet era. Taobao, idle fish and Pingduo are all undertaking the bridge between buyers and sellers. Although there are some problems, they all have perfect after-sales service. By contrast, poisonous APP inevitably appears “wild and hard to change”, and there is a suspicion of “selling dog meat by hanging sheep’s head”.
Problem Serious Poison App Difficult to Identify
In addition to the actual business and treaty inconsistencies of poisonous APP, the core identification business of poisonous APP is not smooth sailing.
As of September 12, 2019, the cumulative identification of poisonous APP has exceeded 27 million, according to official data of poisonous APP. Media calculations have shown that weeeellll, a well-known expert on toxic App, identifies an average of 4851 pairs of shoes a day, with a cumulative total of more than 1.8 million pairs. The average time to identify a commodity is only 18 seconds if it is estimated that the work is 24 hours a day without interruption.
In less than 20 seconds, the authenticity of footwear can be identified. What is the process behind the identification and how to ensure the accuracy of the identification of poisonous APP are still unknown. However, in terms of average time, the identification of poisonous APP is too hasty. Moreover, the identification of poisonous APP is not transparent. Consumers can not know the process of identification of poisonous APP. Whether poisonous APP can fully gain consumer trust remains to be considered.
In August this year, drug APP announced strategic cooperation with China National Inspection and Inspection Group Luxury Goods Identification Center. It will launch long-term multi-form cooperation in the field of identification of fashion products of sneakers, devoted to improving the standardization and standardization of identification of fashion products of sneakers. However, at present, the effect of this action is not good, and the complaints of “authentic and false identification” still exist today.
From identification to sales, poisonous APP itself has formed a closed loop, but at the same time it seems perfect, poisonous APP lacks a “moat”. Whether after-sales of consumers, user agreements, or the identification process, poisonous APP is an inseparable topic. If it can not be properly solved, it is feared that it will eat its own fruit.


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