One of my most memorable things

Since I began to remember, a lot of things have happened, some have gradually forgotten, but there is one thing I have always remembered.
I remember that it was an eleventh long vacation in my second grade. The whole family came to Grandma’s house. Mother suggested, “Let’s eat dumplings today.” Everyone agreed. So we started a family mobilization campaign – making dumplings. Mother said, “Baby, you also learn to make dumplings!” Although I said excitedly, “OK, I have always wanted to learn!” But my heart did not think so, thinking: dumplings are something rare, not just a pinch of stuffing? It’s no big deal. So I looked at my father who was making dumplings and said, “What’s the big deal? I’m better than you. Don’t believe it? You wait and see!”
With that, I picked up a dumpling skin and put a big piece of stuffing in it one after another. I squeezed it hard. “Oh, what’s so sticky!” I cried, frowning and startled everyone. It turned out that I put too much stuffing and broke the dumpling skin. Dad laughed, and then my face turned red. Tears rolled around in my eyes, almost flowed out. Just now, the spirit had disappeared like a leaked ball. It was so embarrassing. If there was a crack, I would surely get into it.
Dad saw this situation, afraid that I was too embarrassed, busy to relieve me: “Everybody don’t laugh, our baby is not stupid, will you teach it?” Dad turned around, gave me a look, I quickly said to Dad: “Dad, you teach me!” Dad smiled and nodded. This time I was serious, carefully looking at my father’s gesture, only to see that his left hand was semi-circular, his right hand picked up the dumpling skin on his left hand, and then picked up the chopsticks and put a little stuffing, skillfully kneaded the skin in his right hand. A semi-circular dumpling appeared in Dad’s hands. At this time, Dad said, “It’s your turn.” I was very nervous, Dad told me not to be nervous, but my heart was still nervous, thinking: Can I wrap it up this time? If I wrap it badly, Dad has to help me out, will you say I’m stupid? Dad seemed to see my mind and said to me in a long way, “It’s okay, wrap it up can learn, who’s life? “Come on, you will!” Dad’s words made me courageous, I learned how Dad looked, in Dad’s fall, I finally packed a half-round dumpling, my face laughed and blossomed, my heart was sweeter than eating honey.
This is the most unforgettable thing for me. Because I know what to do, I can’t be self-righteous. Be modest, consult others about things you don’t understand, and pretend to understand. Since then, I have never been proud.

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