First time stealing computer games

In my memory, my parents criticized me the most severe one was the first time I stole a computer game.

It was a Sunday afternoon. After I finished my homework, I went online to check the information used on Monday. My mom seems to be asleep, and I can’t control myself. Listen to the classmates who said what the game is talking about. I was so envious, so I started stealing games for the first time.

I was very excited to hold the mouse, clicked into a large game site, and immediately appeared a colorful picture and a lot of text on the screen. Can not help but be shocked: wow! There are a lot of games! I immediately screened in layers and finally selected an action game. I am very afraid that my mom will come out and read the jingle in my mouth: “Heavenly spirits, spirits, and blessing my mother, don’t wake up…” read and read, all of them have goose bumps. I hesitated in my heart: play or not? When I play, my mother found out that she would be “dead.” Still playing, playing for a little while, I don’t know, ghosts are not discovered. So, I played the game with confidence. When I saw the dazzling picture in the game, my hanging heart fell to the ground. Immediately move the characters back and forth, complete a lot of tasks on the screen, and upgrade quickly.

Suddenly, I suddenly returned to the real world from the game. It turned out that the “agent” that I had cultivated heard the sound of the quilt and the sheets from the house. I couldn’t help but make a nap: Is the mother awake? I am not playing, right? No, I can play for a while, wait until my mother comes to close the game page, but it takes less than half an hour before the computer. I worked as a “special agent”, but I accidentally got rid of the language documents on the ground. My ears immediately alert one level at a time. Listen carefully: It’s so good, my mother didn’t come, and I started to “work” with the tension.

Suddenly, there was a voice coming from the house: “Son, are you still there? Help me to pour a glass of water, okay?” I was immediately shocked: if I pour water, I will let my mom know that I am still there. It’s been more than an hour since I’ve been outside, and I’ve checked a little bit of information and I’m not picking up what to do. I immediately took the book and prepared to go. Who knows that there was a mistake in the busy, and suddenly I touched the mouse, and immediately “squeaked” a crisp voice to sell me, I had to go to the mother to pour water. As soon as I stepped into the bedroom, I saw my mom coming from behind me and looking at the computer. I tried my best to encourage myself, but I was still discovered by my mother: “How did you check so little? What have you done for such a long time? It is wrong to lie, and all of them have been told to me.” I am not guilty. I had to recruit them all. Mom didn’t say anything, immediately went back to the room to watch TV and ignored me.

In the evening, my father and mother called me in front of them. Dad immediately asked: “Are you playing computer games today?” Mom is more powerful, her mouth is like a machine gun. Every word is like a bullet, every bullet. I am in the middle of my heart: “You don’t look at us. I haven’t played computer games since I was young. Is the game really so fun? Why don’t you use this time to review it? If you play, you can play it out. It’s not a good idea to go to school. It’s really impossible for me to help you drop out of school. How long does it take to play at home? How long does it take to play?” After a storm, I immediately changed my attitude: “I will never do anything in the future. Like today, sneaky, man, what must be done in a bright and upright manner, don’t make such a thing, otherwise you will not be able to stand on the top of society.” After listening, I seem to understand and nod, nod. It’s over, it’s been beaten as usual, but Dad didn’t move at all, didn’t mean to hit me, saying, “You go back to your own room, think about our own. There is no value, have to measure it. “Night, I lay in bed, how could not sleep, my mind all my father, my mother’s words, I think over and over again in my head.

I realized that there is something to guide you to the wrong way, but as long as you believe in yourself and do not bow to temptation, you must be the winner.

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