Winter Tour Million Sunflower Garden

In the morning, cold, but no one is willing to go to bed, we can’t wait to get out of bed. A few days ago, it was always cloudy and rainy. Today, even the gods have made beauty. Oh, the tiny sun shattered through the small gap between the green leaves and sprinkled on the window of the dormitory.

Without the teacher’s urging, everyone quickly packed up the good things and took the bus to the Million Sunflower Garden. In the car, the students all discussed the destination of this winter tour – the million sunflower garden. This place is a bit different from the location of the previous autumn tour. It used to be a place with a lot of amusement facilities. The million sunflower gardens that went to this time were scenic spots. The students felt more novel, and the mood was more expectant. The teacher called for a long time to be quiet.

Everyone was excited and reached the Million Sunflower Garden. The students jumped out of the bus one by one and rushed to the gate of the Million Sunflower Garden. Two rows of sunflowers are planted symmetrically at the door, and the large discs are swaying in the sun. It is like telling us that they are the masters here, and they are like two groups of ceremonial soldiers. We are welcome to come.

Stepping into the gate, we came to a new paradise. “Now is free time!” the teacher announced. Everyone cheered as a bird and beast, and each rushed to their favorite place. Only I still stand in the same place, I don’t know what to play. Because the amusement facilities are not connected, there are too many fun things. Where should I start? “Right, just there!” I saw a super-long slide, colorful, and ran over.

I came to the slide and ran a cold sweat. Actually so high! I did not have fear of heights, and I couldn’t help but feel straight. At this time, Qu teacher waved under the slide, indicating that she would take pictures of me. I couldn’t help but sit on the slide and carefully slide down the slide. In the process of sliding, I feel that the whole body is fluttering, as if flying like it, it is very fun! When I come down, I can’t wait to play again!

I came to the place where I played the climbing game. Wang Hao also came. We both decided who climbed fast. I climbed the black side, and Wang Hao climbed the red side. We both chased me and rushed to crawl, for fear of falling behind to each other. Finally, I won! I am happy to be alive and kicking.

Everyone is happily playing with their favorite projects, and everyone is having a good time. Just as everyone can play hard, the teacher calls everyone to gather. It turned out that the teacher told us to take pictures. We followed the teacher to the lavender garden. From a distance, lavender is like a purple flower sea, beautiful. Smell, um, really fragrant, the scent of the sultry people are so refreshing! There is also a glass bridge next to it, all made of glass, everyone walks up cautiously, for fear that the glass bridge is not strong. Hey, there are Mickey Mouse welcoming us on it! There are a few swan statues in front, and they are surrounded by wings to make a love, beautiful! In addition to the lavender garden, there is a rose garden! The blossoming rose is big and big. It’s splendid, like a shy little girl, with a small red face, which makes us can’t help but get together.

We kept picking the scenes that we liked, took a lot of photos, and hoped to use photos to keep this wonderful time and save a happy memory for ourselves…

Happy time always seems short-lived, we have to end the game and prepare to return. Despite reluctance, but full of laughter and laughter, the beautiful million-flowered sunflower garden has left an unforgettable mark on our hearts!

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