Live broadcast income of female county magistrate: one million yuan

Recently, he Jiaolong, deputy county chief of Zhaosu County, Yili Kazakh Autonomous Prefecture, has become a popular network platform and circle fans for tourism promotion of Zhaosu county.
According to Tianshan network, He Jiaolong’s trembling platform has more than eight hundred thousand fans, and the reward income of tiktok has exceeded 100 million yuan, and all these reward income are used for public utility purposes.
He Jiaolong said: “all the sound wave income is used for public welfare and charity, mainly concerned about the poor children and the poor elderly in our frontier minority areas. These fans in my studio are members of my public welfare team. They give me love and I pass it on. “
According to the previous reports of the surging news, he Jiaolong, deputy county magistrate, once calmly talked about his thoughts after his popularity through the article of today’s headline authentication account “He county magistrate says Zhaosu”.
“Thank you for your attention,” he wrote. I really didn’t expect that the video of horse riding would be hot. I heard different voices, some of whom I like and some I don’t understand. As a public official, I hope to be able to do things in my own post in a down-to-earth manner. I am not used to such a big network heat, and I even have some trepidation. In the past, I just wanted to promote Zhaosu’s agricultural products by 1000 or 2000 people in the live broadcasting room, so as to help us promote the public brand of Zhaosu agricultural products to the whole country. “