Zhang Wenhong responds to the gift of Villa

“Zhang Wenhong received a set of Taihu Lake Villa + 12 million cash”? On the evening of the 14th, a micro blog blogger with more than 3.96 million followers released such a “news” and claimed “an additional 50 million research funds”. But at the same time, the blog said, “there is no official information on the specific reward.”.
At 19:42 on the same day, the Fifth People’s Hospital of Wuxi City (hereinafter referred to as “Wuxi No.5 hospital”) issued a “situation statement” to respond to the matter.
According to the situation statement, in order to implement the spirit of the “three top” strategy of Wuxi health and health, Wuxi No.5 hospital seized the opportunity of Yangtze River Delta integration development and flexibly introduced the expert team of Professor Zhang Wenhong of infectious diseases department of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, which played a positive role in further promoting the construction of the hospital’s infection department and provided strong support for the development of Wuxi’s public health 。 Wuxi City gave Zhang Wenhong team 10 million yuan of project support funds, mainly for clinical research and technological innovation, of which 10% was used for team member subsidies.
“The situation note” said that thanks to the community’s support for the “Taihu Lake talent plan” and the “three names” strategy of health and health, we sincerely welcome all kinds of high-level medical and health talents to come to Wuxi for cooperation.