100 million people return to extreme poverty

“World Bank President marpas warned that the epidemic situation may return 100 million people to extreme poverty” was published in the 22nd issue of reference news. The summary of the report is as follows:
World Bank President David marpas has warned that the new outbreak could lead 100 million people back into extreme poverty.
The Washington based World Bank previously estimated that 60 million people would fall into extreme poverty as a result of the new outbreak, but the new assessment suggests that the situation may worsen to 70 million to 100 million people. Marpas said that if the new outbreak continues to deteriorate, “the number may be higher.”.
The world bank has pledged to provide $160 billion in funding to 100 countries by June 2021 in response to an imminent emergency. By the end of June, the world bank had disbursed about $21 billion.
But even so, the number of people living in extreme poverty is still increasing. Marpas said the deterioration was due to job losses during the outbreak and supply problems that made food more difficult for people. “The longer the economic crisis lasts, the more people will return to extreme poverty,” he said