Murder suspect’s sister urges her to surrender

Beijing News (reporter Wei Furong, Lei Yanchao) on August 15, Zeng Xin (pseudonym), the sister of Zeng Chunliang, a suspect in the murder case in Le’an, Jiangxi Province, was interviewed by the Beijing News reporter. She publicly advised his younger brother to surrender to the crime. “If you come out yourself, you must surrender yourself,” Zeng Xin said, and apologized to the family members of the victims.
On August 15, houfang village, Shandang Town, Le’an County, special police vehicles pass through the guard post of the militia. Photo by Wang Fei, reporter of Beijing News
On August 8, a homicide occurred in Shandang village, Shandang Town, resulting in two deaths and one injury. On the morning of 13th, another homicide case occurred in houfang village, Shandang town. Police said the killer is most likely houfang village villager Zeng Chunliang. Zeng Chunliang was jailed for theft in 2002 and again for theft in 2013. He was released from prison in May this year.
Zeng Xin told the Beijing news that he was 59 years old and married to a neighboring village when he was 20 years old. Now he is suffering from uremia. “He was two or three years old when I married here,” said Zeng Xin. Because he had left the village early and his brother had been in prison for many years, he didn’t know much about him and was not impressed.
In the first ten days of May this year, Zeng Xincai met Zeng Chunliang, who had just been released from prison, in the street of Shandang town. Zeng Xincai called Zeng Chunliang to eat at his home, but Zeng Chunliang declined. Knowing that Zeng Xin was suffering from uremia, Zeng Chunliang said to his sister that he would subsidize her in the treatment of uremia. Finally, he said that he did not have the money to help elder sister.
After meeting on that day, Zeng Xin and Zeng Chunliang had no contact. On August 8, Shandang village case, Zeng Xin back to the village to see the reward notice, only to know that his brother committed the crime.
“I’m also eager to be a good man in my own family.” Zeng Xin, who became a suspect in the murder case, said he was very distressed, “very painful”, and said he felt guilty and sorry for the victim. “He came this way, and I have no face to be a man.”
Until the 15th, the search for Zeng Chunliang continued. “If he runs home, I’ll report it myself.” Zeng Xin said.