Fake advertisement of news app

In the process of daily reading, do you encounter any annoying advertisements? On July 26, a “CCTV exposure news app on fake advertising” news on the hot search, triggered the attention of many netizens.
CCTV exposes fake advertisement on news app
Recently, a reporter found that many commercial news and information apps published illegal advertisements, and even filled with a large number of counterfeit products. When a reporter clicks an advertisement on a news app, the page will jump to the overseas table selling website. All the “top famous watches” sold are high imitations, not genuine ones! However, after the complaint, there was no obvious effect, and the fake advertisement still existed.
Relevant lawyers have indicated that for illegal advertising, even if the relevant article is “soft”, it must be clearly indicated in the document or prominent position that it belongs to advertisement, otherwise, it will be illegal in the form of publication. Experts from China’s Consumer Council said that market regulators can confiscate advertising fees to operators who know they should know to publish false advertisements and impose fines of more than three times and less than five times the illegal income from advertising fees. If there are several more false advertisements published within two years, they will also bear criminal responsibility for the crime of false advertising.