Youth passes as a fleeting wave

In the small town where Gong Zheng, the head of the research group, lives, people do not know the teachers of several schools in the town, but they must know the principals of each school; the teachers do not know the peers of other schools, but they must know the directors of other schools. But after Gong became the old group leader, everyone was not very interested in the principal, and teachers knew little about the director.
Xiao Gong
On Teacher’s Day in 1994, a half-day celebration was held in the morning in the town. During lunch, the visiting principal called Gong Zheng, a young teacher, to his side and sat down. A table of people took turns respecting the headmaster’s wine and had a good time swimming. In return, he said forcefully, “Teachers, soldiers who don’t want to be generals are not good soldiers. Here’s a glass of wine! Dry! ” Everyone stood up and drank at the same time.
A stone stirs up a thousand waves. Teacher Zhang said, “Soldiers who don’t want to be generals are really not good soldiers.” Teacher Zheng said, “A good soldier should be a general.” Mr. Wang said, “I want to use the words of the headmaster as a motto to urge myself from time to time.” Teacher Tan said, “I want to pass this sentence on to my students at an appropriate time, so that my students can grow up in the famous saying.” Soon, this sentence permeated the whole campus and was adopted by people from time to time.
Gong Zheng had the wish to be a headmaster when he was studying in Normal University. He thought that was the best reflection of the value of life. He was talented and naturally well aware of Sun’s intentions. He worked more diligently and devoted himself to his research. He was not only a head teacher, but also a head of teaching and research group. He was outstanding in mathematics teaching and research, and was praised by teachers and researchers. At the beginning of that year, Gong’s class handed in another good answer.
Everyone talked about Gong’s promotion and reuse.
The weather is unexpected. In the spring of that year, you had a problem with your life style. Everyone was in the dark until the last day of summer training announced the new President Yang. Yang is not familiar with the small town, the original team is still immobile, Gong is still his team leader.
Once, the backbone of the math group studied in the county town, and Yang invited them to dinner at home. At the banquet, everyone was very happy, because it was rare for the headmaster to pick up the teacher’s guests at home. Yang’s wife is very virtuous in her small job. At the banquet, Yang was very happy and encouraged everyone to work hard for the development of the school and “dare to be the first”. When the four words behind are thrown out, the whole campus will be filled immediately.
Gong guided the teachers to study teaching methods and learning methods, one step a year. The teaching and research group was formed into the “three excellent” teaching and research group, which is also well-known in the county. Yang was very happy to be promoted to Gong as Dean of Education. He told the Town Education Committee what he thought, and the director agreed.
The weather is unexpected. In May of that year, Yang’s wife was ill, and he asked for leave to go to nursing for two months. At the end of the summer vacation, Yang’s wife was sick. At that time, the school work was presided over by Vice-President Fu, and an unexpected thing happened: at the end of the term, when the paper was graded, one of the papers mistakenly corrected the score, which alarmed the vice-mayor in charge of education. The deputy mayor personally went to the school to check the files, found out that there were three problems in school management and reported them to the mayor. The mayor conveyed them to the secretary.
Originally, the mayor was a relative of Fu. He wanted to pay for “correcting” and make full use of the incident. During the summer vacation, Fu He and the “gunman” conspired to reflect some of Yang’s problems to the county bureau. The county and town were all shocked and Yang had to be transferred to the town Party school to work.
Da Gong
In a flash, Gong has become a middle-aged teacher.
Gong got divorced after taking office, but fortunately there were no children. It hit Gong a lot, but he quickly stood up, still conscientiously, constantly studying, constantly innovating, making the class and the teaching and research group prosperous.
Pay attention to in the eyes, but one does not care about Gong’s marriage, two do not care about Gong’s performance. How does Fu differ from his predecessor?
Gong and Fu are of the same age. They teach in two ways: Gong is a teacher, who is directly assigned to the school work, with simple ideas; Fu is a post-graduate course of Pugao University, who is turned into a private teacher, then a civilian teacher for further study, and a positive one. In a series of changes, Fu read and lived the town he thought was right in spring and autumn. He became sophisticated and smooth. He spoke to people, ghosts and ghosts, and was appreciated by his relatives. Gong naturally despises such people. Especially at one meeting, he said in front of all the faculty members, “I can’t help anybody if I don’t gamble or play.” Gong had no good feeling about it.
The former Youyou and Yang both made achievements before they became principals. Although they have made mistakes, their nature and essence are not bad, but affected by bad atmosphere, they have not been able to be cautious and independent. And what we depend on is clear to everyone.
There is no principal in the school, so long as there is a head teacher, the order is still in order. But only the headmaster, no head teacher, that would be a mess. Perhaps under such consideration, some people put Fu on the stage of management.
One evening, Fu visited Director Niu’s house. Niu submitted his resignation and strongly recommended Gong. Fu smiled and said, “Who is the legal person in this school?” “Principal Fu.” “Since I am a legal person, I want you to do it!” “I came here as a substitute, without any professional training. In order to speed up the pace of school development, you should also start Gong’s teaching work. He is a rare horse.” “I don’t seem to make it clear. You really don’t understand.” “I really don’t understand.” “Look, is Mr. Gong divorced? Behind a man, there must be a virtuous woman, he will succeed. Wait till he’s done with the housework.
Needless to say Gong, but also glossy, this is the place where pay is superior. In fact, he is in a protracted age, once the age has passed, even a thousand miles horse, can only sigh. On the Mahjong table, there is no Gong; on the banquet received by others, there is no Gong; on the New Year’s Eve, there is no Gong in the team that pays for the year of resignation; and on the New Year, there is no Gong in the crowd that pays for the New Year. Someone quietly suggested Gong learn to “communicate” and communicate with Fu Duo; someone reminded Gong that once he was 40, he would not want to be a principal, which is the reality; someone said that he could not recognize words, but he must recognize people. Gong went in and out of one ear and devoted himself to teaching sages.
Lao Gong
Time flies so fast that Gong has passed the age of fate and become a real old team leader. After paying off, there came several more. Some old people were transferred, retired and died. Quickly calculating that Gong was the “elder of the seven dynasties” and was one of the only three old people left in the school.
The year before last, a new principal came to the school, which really made him happy for a while, because ten thousand were the students he had taught.
On that day, Gong and the honest old Song chatted on the playground. Gong asked Song, “Why are most of the principals of our town run by the local people?” Song never thought about this problem, Best Think was puzzled, very disappointed to tell Gong: “I really don’t know.” “You certainly don’t know that, because people who value character, personality and dignity can’t do it.” Gong smiled and said, “To be able to flatter, to be able to pull a relationship, to be able to give gifts, you and I can not do it.” “We only have normal courtesy, which we really can’t do. School is a pure land. How can we do that? Song said firmly. Gong said solemnly, “Somebody did it.” Song always felt that the school was going downhill, but he didn’t know where the roots were, could not say clearly, and the Tao was not clear. Today, Mauset is full of joy and surprise. Song sincerely said, “Listening to the words of the king is better than reading for ten years. We have known each other for so many years and always hope to have a principal to reuse you, but opportunities are rare and difficult to create. President Wan is a graduate of Normal University and a student of yours. He won’t do that. He’s here to turn the tide on the school. Chances are hard to find!” He suggested Gong take advantage of the rare teacher-student relationship to make his due contribution to the school’s resplendence. Gong frankly said, “Everything rests in middle age, besides, he is already the sun to the west. I will give my full support to the principal’s work and make a difference in what I do.”
Only 10,000 people were in the office that day. Song Xiangwan suggested Gong be used to do something. “At present, there are people in all posts, so cadres are not good enough to go down.” Wan told Song, “Mr. Gong is my teacher, I will take care of him naturally.” Song sincerely said: “Wan principal, you may not know that our school used to be a banner of county education, because there are a group of people like Gong who devote themselves to research and educate people. They are really experts. If you give him the educational administration, he will be able to take the lead and make new achievements, and you will worry less about it.” Wan Luo said with regret, “The student is already 40 years old, and his old family has passed the age of fate. Now the employers are younger. Song immediately retorted: “It is true that heroes have been young since ancient times, but there are also Jiang Ziya who is 80 years old as king of letters. There are no more than three principles in employing people: first, good character; second, talent; third, good health.” Wan expressed helplessness on his face.
Back in his office, sitting in his office chair, Song kept thinking: Gong Sansan is in line with, and why should the heart have more than enough strength? The reason why he was transferred is that he was a principal in a school with stereotyped and eye-catching ideas and promotion and reuse. The other reason is that some aspects of the school are unsatisfactory and he is required to revitalize it. As long as the right decision is conducive to the development of the school, it will definitely be strongly supported. He had to comfort himself by clustering things in groups.
On Teachers’Day last year, Gong was praised by the town government as an advanced individual in teaching and educating people, and the Mathematics Group was praised as an excellent teaching and research group at the county level. He lived a happy life in front of a tasty group leader.

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