Looting of Chinese pawnshops in New York

A Chinese pawnshop in New York was smashed and robbed by protesters. Not only is the store severely damaged, many jewels and jewelry in the store have been ransacked, but more importantly, the owner’s wife is still in chaos, her legs are broken, and her body is injured in many other places. Now she is being treated in the ICU of the hospital.
A combination of media reports such as “ABC7” in the United States, 20 years ago, Mr. Shen and his wife Wendy opened the pawnshop in the Bronx, New York City. Last Monday night, a group of protesters stormed into the shop, leaving a mess.
The couple’s daughter, Jessalyn Shen, recalled that after receiving a security alert that day saying “someone broke in”, the family drove to the store in time. After entering the street, they found that cars and even garbage cans were on fire along the street.
When they arrived, Shen said, they found that the robbers had fled, only to see that a large safe in the shop had been moved to the door and had been forcibly pried open. But just as the Shen Jielin family was cleaning up their belongings in the back room, another group of bandits broke in forcibly, “these people are armed with crowbars, bricks and lead pipes.”
For safety reasons, the family decided to go back to the car first to escape. Unexpectedly, this group of people followed. Then there was the nightmarish scene, “the bandits smashed our windows and tried to pull us out. My mother was interrupted by her nose and legs in the process.” “These people have been saying that if they don’t give them everything, they will take us away,” Shen recalled painfully
Finally, the Shen family was able to drive away from the shop. These gangsters are still chasing after their trucks, and they have tried to hit Shen’s car many times. Mr. Shen’s family was not safe until they met a policeman who set up a barricade in another street.
Mr. Shen’s wife is currently being treated in the ICU of the local hospital. She has had several surgeries because of multiple injuries and severe fractures of her thigh.
In an interview, Mr. Shen said police are investigating the matter, but his wife’s health is more worrying. “Who knows what the future will be,” he said. “Maybe we’ll close down and leave the community. It’s not worth it to buy and sell your family’s life. “
Shen Jielin, who just graduated from medicine, was ready to find a job to give back to the community, but this incident hit her hard. She said, “I didn’t expect the efforts of the whole family to immigrate over the years to be completely destroyed overnight.” She also thought, “steal, steal. I never thought those people would threaten our lives. I’m so scared. I’ve never seen violence like this before. “
According to reports, in addition to the damage to the store, about three safe boxes in the store were pried, and the direct property loss exceeded 80000 US dollars (about 560000 yuan). Mr Shen said that at present, the insurance company is not willing to make corresponding compensation, and his family is trying to find a way to make some crowdfunding through the network platform.