Jiangge’s mother claims 2.03 million yuan

Beijing News (reporter Liu Yang) 5, jiangge murder case – mother jiangqiulian to the right to life dispute against Liu Xin case in Qingdao Chengyang District People’s court called a pre court meeting. Jiang Qiulian was not able to appear due to physical discomfort. The pre court meeting was held from about 9:00 to 11:00, and Liu Xin was unable to attend. Jiang’s lawyer said the amount of the civil claim was more than 2.038 million yuan.
The pre court meeting will begin at about 9 a.m. this morning. Huang Leping, a lawyer representing jiangqiulian, jiangge’s mother, came to the court alone in the early morning. According to him, jiangqiulian was not present at the scene because she was not feeling well today and was worried that her mood would be out of control and affect the pre court meeting.
However, Liu Xin’s side did not appear in court.
At about 11:00, Huang Leping walked out of the court and said to Liu Xin, “I’m sorry, but it’s her right.”
At today’s pre court meeting, Mr. Huang said he would submit some evidence. According to Jiang, the existing evidence of criminal cases is incomplete and follow-up evidence is being supplemented. Japan was scheduled to submit additional evidence on April 1, but this part of the work has not been completed due to the impact of the epidemic.
Huang Leping said that in view of the original plan for the formal hearing of the case on June 30, it is expected that there will be several pre-trial meetings before the hearing, so the exchange of evidence has not been completed at present.
Beijing News reporter learned that the total amount of the civil compensation claim is more than 2.038 million yuan.
Liu Xin and Jiang Ge are roommates while studying in Japan. The Beijing News previously reported that Jiang Ge was killed by Liu Xin’s boyfriend Chen Shifeng on November 3, 2016, outside his residence in Tokyo, Japan. In November 24 of the same year, our police issued a warrant for Chen Shifeng on suspicion of murder. In December 14 of the same year, Chen Shifeng was formally charged with the crime of killing by the prosecutor.
Since August 2017, Jiang Qiulian has gone to Copenhagen for four times, collecting more than 4.5 million signatures and asking for Chen Shifeng’s death penalty.
On December 11, 2017, Jiang GE’s murder case was heard in the court in Benben. After six days of court trial, Chen Shifeng was sentenced to 20 years for intentional murder and intimidation.
Jiang Qiulian believed that Jiang GE’s death was related to Liu Xin, so she sued Liu Xin with a dispute over the right to life. The case was accepted in October 2019.