Yuan Shanshan apologizes

Yuan Shanshan apologized for his contempt of cultural relics and improper remarks: I am deeply sorry! Will you forgive her
Today, Yuan Shanshan’s performance in a program triggered a debate among netizens. At that time, a master of cultural relics restoration was invited to the program. The master brought a batch of cultural relics to introduce his career and the importance of cultural relics restoration. At that time, the expert also specially stressed that cultural relics should be held at the bottom and the top, but yuan Shanshan directly held the middle part of the cultural relics I make complaints about it, and the terrified sea tower has been holding hands nearby. After this fermentation, many people are in Tucao Yuan Shanshan. Yuan Shanshan probably realized the seriousness of the problem. Bo Wen gave his apology.
In the apology statement, Yuan Shanshan said: I am deeply sorry for the improper behavior and wrong expression I made in the program. At that time, I didn’t pay attention to it personally. I am ashamed that I should not have such rash behavior and inappropriate words. I apologize for my improper behavior. On the whole, Yuan Shanshan’s expression in this article is very good. Although the words of three apologies are still unacceptable, at least you can choose to forgive her.
Of course, most of them can accept this apology. Some of them are really annoyed by her behavior. They think it’s a cultural relic, not your desk leg. Some people remind her to speak carefully later. After all, it’s easy to be misunderstood when she speaks. I hope yuan Shanshan can pay attention later. She was good in the entertainment circle, and her fitness was also very encouraging Zhizhi, now this move is to wipe out the previous good feelings. Will you accept yuan Shanshan’s apology?