Inside of luozhixiang swimming pool

On May 9, according to Taiwan media reports, Chen Xiangling, who once participated in Luo Zhixiang’s “extreme crouching”, was interviewed recently and exposed the inside of the party. According to the report, Chen Xiangling admitted that he had participated in the “extreme pool”, considering that she was not too close to Luo Zhixiang due to her health, the net red beauties who took part in the “extreme pool” were all invited by Dagen. That day was actually a birthday celebration for a boy. The men on the scene were basically good brothers of piggy. Although they all knew that piggy had his girlfriend Zhou Yangqing, they didn’t think of anything else FA, I still want to go to the occasion where there is a pig.
It is reported that Chen Xiangling has become popular on the Internet because of her plump and sexy body. At present, she has 240000 fans.
According to Taiwan media, on April 4, piggy, Dagen and others held a happy party in Yilan villa, where 20 young models were invited to participate, including Chen Xiangling and other online celebrities who were later interviewed to admit it, but all said there was no “multi player movement”.