Zhou Yangqing Sanya holiday

On the evening of May 5, Zhou Yangqing shared the latest news on the social platform. Recently, her daily life has attracted the attention of netizens. However, Zhou Yangqing seems not to be affected by the breakup. She is in a good mood for traveling and vacationing everywhere. Today, she is in a good mood again. She stays in a seven-star hotel with advanced sea view, enjoying a cool life!
In the morning, Zhou Yangqing showed a picture of breakfast and said good morning to his fans. He saw salads, sausages, fried dough sticks and other foods on the table. The combination of Chinese and Western food is very delicate. The window is a very fresh natural landscape, which should not be at home!
Sure enough, in the evening, Zhou Yangqing updates the news again, positioning Sanya. She is also very happy to share her super luxury Sea View Hotel. Only Zhou Yangqing and her friends live in a big suite with a swimming pool, which is very enjoyable.
There are two very large living rooms connected in the suite. Walking to a small courtyard outside the suite, there are green plants all around. There is a big swimming pool in the middle. Sitting on the beach chair beside the swimming pool, you can enjoy the endless sea view in front of you. Netizens have said: this is the hotel where you dream to spend your holiday!
Zhou Yangqing’s caption in the picture reveals that her hotel is the only seven-star high-end hotel in Hainan. She inquires on the relevant website. Although the “haigefu” mentioned by Zhou Yangqing is not open for booking on the Internet, the price of her suite should not be low, or even higher than 50000, according to the price of the same level “riyuefu” and “haitangfu” One night.
About Zhou Yangqing’s family background, people on the Internet said that she was born in a rich family. According to her, a shopping mall in Beijing was opened in the yard of her grandmother’s house. It was less than a minute’s walk from the door to the mall, so the location must be very luxurious, and it’s possible that the land in the mall is still theirs! Of course, such a rich lady should choose the most advanced and luxurious hotel to enjoy her holiday!
On the other hand, Luo Zhixiang’s whereabouts have become a mystery since he was revealed by his ex girlfriend. According to a Taiwanese media report, he has been hiding in a hotel in Shenzhen and dare not go out. His performing arts career has also been severely damaged. He should be in a hurry recently.
And Zhou Yangqing seems to have gone out of the pain of breaking up completely, traveling and vacationing everywhere, having a picnic with his friends. They are in a good mood, and their current situation is too bad!