BOC responds to trump’s debt

But on Monday, Wells Fargo confirmed the authenticity of the bank’s statement that it had no debt relationship with 1290 avenue of America, which it mistakenly listed as a creditor. The Bank of China added that Wells Fargo was taking steps to correct errors in the documents.
“Politico” formally clarified the report on the 24th that night.
In a statement circulated on social media, the editor of “politico” admitted to the media that quoted the above-mentioned contributions that they had “the central premise of the original report was wrong”, that is, trump did not owe the Bank of China.
The editor explained that the source of the problem was that they cited the wrong public record and did not seek confirmation from the Bank of China before the publication. He also mentioned that they had tried to contact the White House and trump group, but both declined to comment.
On Tuesday, trump tweeted “politico” clarifications, saying “at least they admit they’re wrong,” then turned to the New York Times and the Washington Post, accusing them of “never correcting fake news.”.