Mengniu meets the crisis of spokesperson

On April 23, Luo Zhixiang, the spokesperson of Mengniu Chunzhen products, occupied the first place on Sina Weibo’s hot search list. Zhou Yangqing acknowledged breaking up with Luo Zhixiang for a while, and exposed explosive information such as the collapse of human facilities and the chaos of private life.
It is not the first time that Mengniu has been in the crisis of spokesperson. It is understood that Mengniu’s real fruit product was originally announced to be the spokesperson by official Xuan Xiaozhan on March 1, but now all of its spokesperson products have been removed from the shelves. For this dispute, Mengniu official said “no response”. Mengniu, who originally planned to take the traffic route, didn’t expect to have a big fall in Xiao Zhan, a new traffic star, who came out last summer.
The reason is that Xiao Zhan’s fans think that ao3, a famous non-profit open source storage website, “insulted” Xiao Zhan himself, so they gathered a large number of fans and came up with various reasons to report ao3 collectively. On March 1, ao3 was blocked in mainland China, which led to the failure of all the authors and users who used ao3 for many years.
Now, Luo Zhixiang, the spokesman of Mengniu Chunzhen, is deeply involved in the “breaking up storm”. The first article on the homepage of Luo Zhixiang’s microblog is the advertising of Mengniu Chunzhen. I wonder if Mengniu can’t laugh or cry about this round of advertising at this time.