It’s impossible for this generation to work and get out of prison

About the legend of Zhou:
“It’s impossible to work” ignites the Internet
Liuzhou prison supervision area is about one kilometer away from shechong township. The owner of a small hotel in the town told reporters that relatives and friends of the released prisoners often come to live here.
Closer to the town is the prison office. “We’ve come here recently to ask him. There are several dials.” On the afternoon of April 17, a police officer in charge of reception told reporters in the hall of Liuzhou prison in Guangxi. The “he” mentioned by the police officer is the man Zhou who said to the camera, “it’s impossible to work, it’s impossible to work in this life.”. After being jailed in 2015, he will be released on April 18, 2020 according to the judgment.
Since the saying that “it’s impossible to work, it’s impossible to work in this life”, Zhou has attracted the attention of netizens. Although he just passed the screen in a flash, Zhou has become a legend after serving his sentence in prison. Tiktok, named post bar, has his micro-blog, jitter topic, his facial expression bag and all kinds of P posters, and his T-shirt.
The police said tiktok recently asked the Zhou, except for the media, more people who were broadcasting and shaking. The reporter noticed that at the gate of the supervision area a kilometer away, the staff were also alert to strangers who came to inquire about the reception. For Zhou’s information, the police said it was inconvenient to say more, “if you say it, it’s a leak.”
After the official confirmation of Zhou’s release from prison on April 18, the reporter noticed that many netizens in the post bar and microblog typed words on the keyboard, including those who counted down, and those who called each other to pick up Zhou’s release from prison on the spot.
Relatives and friends of Zhou are waiting for discussion outside the prison
Didn’t receive Zhou
Brother: I used to pick him up every time I got out of prison
At 8 a.m., when the reporter came to the gate of Liuzhou prison supervision area, there were already foreign number plate vehicles in the parking lot in Nanning and Guangdong of Guangxi. In the car with Nanning license plate, there are four or five young men sitting in the driver’s seat. The man in the driver’s seat tells the reporter that he is Zhou’s cousin. “His brother is in the back, and he will arrive later.” He yawned. “We’re early.” Not much. Another two Nanning cars arrived at the parking lot of the supervision area. About six or seven people got off.
“Zhou’s brother and friend are here.” Introduction of cousin. After getting out of the car, one of Zhou’s elder brothers took the newly bought clothes and went straight to the gate of the supervision area together with other relatives and friends. However, they did not receive Zhou. After communicating with the C.O. at the gate, they returned to the intersection of the parking lot; soon, the C.O. also moved the warning line sign from the gate of the supervision area to the intersection of the parking lot.
“The prison said that today’s release personnel had all been sent away at 6:30 in the morning. We haven’t been informed. ” Zhou’s brother squatted on the side of the road, discussing with other relatives and friends. Their chat mentioned that Zhou was taken back by the judicial office of Wutang Town, Xingning District, Nanning. This makes relatives and friends a little confused, and then they start to call to confirm.
“In view of the prevention and control of the epidemic, the recent release personnel are all operated in this way, and are directly taken back to the local area by the judicial office of the registered permanent residence.” A Prison Policeman explained, “he is no longer in prison. Go back quickly.”
Zhou’s family waited for more than half an hour, and one of their brothers and other relatives and friends went back to their hometown first, “to see if they really went back.” Another brother and cousin were left behind. “We hope to wait until the official confirmation call from relevant departments, and then go back home.” The elder brother said that he had received his brother’s release from prison several times before, “can’t you say that I can’t see anyone this time?”