Trans provincial transmission of Harbin epidemic

According to the report of Heilongjiang health and Health Commission on the evening of April 17, at 0-24 o’clock on April 16, 2020, there were 3 newly confirmed cases (Harbin) and 4 newly asymptomatic infections (4 cases in Harbin and 1 case in Mudanjiang) in Heilongjiang Province, all of which were related to the cross infection in hospitals in Harbin.
On April 16, there were 3 newly confirmed cases in China. Case 1, Wang, was hospitalized in the first hospital of Harbin Medical University from March 28 to April 8. Case 2, Gong, Wang’s husband, and case 3, Li’s confirmed case, were in a nanny (a friend of Chen, a patient who had “detonated” the first hospital of Harbin Medical University).
In addition, among the 5 new asymptomatic infections in Heilongjiang Province on April 16, 4 cases from Harbin were all related to the cluster infection in the first hospital of Harbin Medical University.
One asymptomatic patient, Gong Mou (male, 13 years old, student), lived in the same community with Wang Mou and his wife, who had been diagnosed with the disease on the 16th, and had many life contacts.
Li Mou (female, 68 years old, retired worker), Li Mou (female, 69 years old, retired worker) and Li Mou (male, 62 years old, unemployed) who had no symptom infection were all in the first hospital of Harbin Medical University. They were close contacts of confirmed cases.
So far, the chain of cross infection in the hospital caused by the 87 year old patient Chen Mou on April 10 has been extended again.
On April 16, this rare hospital cohesive infection resulted in three nurses being recruited.
Now, there is a “trans provincial” transmission in this chain of infection. Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in April 16th in Liaoning Province, according to the April 17th announcement by the health protection committee of Liaoning. Zhang Mouhua, a 46 year old confirmed case of new crown pneumonia in Liaoning, has confirmed that the case is confirmed by the case of Harbin, and the intersection point is still the first hospital of hakhida University. 1 cases of the disease are confirmed by the health care committee.
Zhang and his younger brother drove to Harbin on April 1 to see their father. On April 2, Zhang and his younger brother accompanied their father to the first hospital of Harbin Medical University. His father accompanied him during the hospitalization in the Ninth Hospital of respiratory department. Driving back to Fushun from Harbin on April 12. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University and the Department of medicine in April 15th. The nucleic acid test was recommended. Only then was the doctor escort his wife to the emergency department of the central hospital at 21:30 am on the same day, then transferred to the isolation ward for treatment. The first time was April 15th.
Worryingly, there is a high risk of this infection leading to the next cluster infection. Why do you say that? Because in the report of Liaoning health and Health Commission, on April 10, Zhang had dinner with his mother Yao, aunt Xu, aunt Yao, Uncle Zhang, aunt Yao and Uncle Wang at home after his father was discharged from the hospital.
At 17:50 on April 17th novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Fushun was Zhang Mouhua transported to Shenyang by the 120 emergency ambulance of the Shenyang Emergency Center for treatment of the hospital. Source: Liaoning Daily
Clustering and eating together are the key to the spread of the virus. Do you remember Guo Mou, a confirmed case in Harbin on April 9? Chen Mou, an 87 year old patient who caused the cluster infection in the first hospital of Harbin Medical University, is Guo Mou’s close contact. This started with a dinner party on March 29. Guo had dinner with Chen’s family and friends on that day. Later, Chen and his two sons were diagnosed, and the virus spread further.
1 pass 43!
Rare infection chain rings the alarm again
According to statistics, since April 9, one newly confirmed case and three asymptomatic infected cases have been added in Heilongjiang Province, breaking the 29 day record of no newly confirmed case in Heilongjiang Province. As of 24:00 on April 16, the infection chain of the virus has caused 43 people in Harbin, including 26 confirmed cases and 17 asymptomatic infections.