Another time of summer vacation

Since April 10, Nanjing released the latest school calendar, announcing the summer vacation time of primary and secondary schools, Chengdu Municipal Education Bureau announced the holiday time of primary and secondary schools at about 4:00 p.m. yesterday (15).
Primary and secondary school summer vacation on July 18
On April 10, Nanjing Education Bureau issued a notice on reissuing the school calendar of the second semester of Nanjing 2019-2020 academic year. The circular mentioned that the education bureaus and primary and secondary schools in each district should strictly implement the school calendar and should not change the schedule at will. All vocational schools, adult secondary schools, etc. can be implemented by reference.
According to the latest school calendar, there will be 16 weeks in the next semester. The first half of the 16th week will be the final exam. The summer vacation will be held on July 18 in primary and secondary schools.
According to the information released by @ Nanjing on March 21, schools of all levels and types in the province will open in batches and staggered peaks from March 30, 2020. Among them, senior three and junior three start school on March 30; primary and secondary schools (including secondary vocational schools, special education schools, kindergartens, the same below) and other school sections and grades are ready to start school on April 7, and the specific opening work will be implemented after the approval of the epidemic prevention and control leading and commanding organizations of each city; colleges and universities are ready to start school on April 13, with the specific opening time approved Issued by the school after approval.
Primary school summer vacation on July 8
Middle school summer vacation on July 16
Today (15) at about 4 p.m., Chengdu Education Bureau’s official microblog @ Chengdu Education announced the summer vacation time for primary and secondary schools.
According to the relevant requirements of the Ministry of education and the Provincial Department of education, in combination with the online teaching situation of “no suspension of classes, no suspension of teaching”, the Municipal Bureau of education has made the following adjustment and arrangement for the teaching schedule of primary and secondary schools in the spring semester of 2020: first, the suspension of social practice. Cancel the school’s mobile time, and suspend the activities such as research travel, Art Festival and sports meeting; arrange social practice during the summer vacation, and students complete it under the guidance of school teachers and parents.
2、 Adjust summer vacation time. The summer vacation time of primary school is adjusted to July 8, and that of middle school (including secondary vocational school) is adjusted to July 16.
3、 One class hour can be added every day. In combination with online teaching evaluation, the school can add one class hour a day to carry out lectures, reviews or new class teaching.
4、 Make up lessons should be strictly controlled. Except for senior three, other grades are not allowed to occupy weekends and holidays in principle.
5、 Improve the quality of classroom teaching. The school should accurately analyze the learning situation, focus on the course classroom, formulate the teaching plan in a targeted way, improve the effectiveness of classroom teaching, and ensure the students to complete the learning objectives of the course.
6、 Improve the quality of operation design. The number and time of assignments in different grades and disciplines shall be controlled as a whole, so as to prevent students’ assignments from being turned into parent assignments or parents from checking and correcting assignments, and not to increase the burden of students and parents.
In view of the situation that some grades have not yet returned to school, the school should continue to organize and carry out online teaching, guide students to reasonably arrange their study and life at home, and protect their physical and mental health.