Virus or last year in the United States

When novel coronavirus pneumonia is rampaging in the United States, the County Executive and Jeff Smith, the Silicon Valley in California, Jeff Smith, are judged by the data: the time of the outbreak in the local area is likely to be traced back to last December.
“The virus has been spreading in our community”
According to the Los Angeles Times on April 11, Smith made the above statement to county officials at a briefing on April 10, saying: “the virus has been spreading wantonly in our community and may have existed for quite some time.”
According to Smith, data collected by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), local health departments and other agencies show that the outbreak (local) has existed “much longer than we initially thought” and is likely to date back to December last year.
According to the trend chart provided by Johns Hopkins University, the outbreak began in mid March in the United States. The latest research from Stanford University and CDC shows that the new coronavirus in San Francisco Bay area has been spreading rapidly since late February. According to the research report released by Stanford University on April 7, 2888 samples from January 1 to February 26 were collected from San Francisco Bay area, with a positive rate of 0.07%; CDC According to data released on April 3, about 8% of 226 cough and fever patients sampled from four emergency care centers in Santa Clara County from March 5 to 14 were detected with new coronavirus.
Smith’s speculation on the 10th pushed forward the spread time of the new crown epidemic in California.
As for why we didn’t realize this before, Smith explained that the United States was in a serious flu season at that time. “The symptoms of novel coronavirus pneumonia are very much like influenza. If you are a mild patient, you will not realize that you have not even seen a doctor. Doctors may not pay attention, because they also think it’s flu. “
The main part of Silicon Valley is located in Santa Clara County of San Francisco Bay area, and its total scope generally includes some cities of San Mateo County and Alameda County. The first two patients with new crown diagnosed on January 31 and February 2 in Santa Clara County all had Wuhan travel history. But for most of January and February, there was little community virus testing in California, the report said. At that time, CDC only issued testing reagents to some health departments, and restricted the testing objects.
The third confirmed case was found in Santa Clara County on February 27, and a 68 year old woman, Azar ahrabi, was the first confirmed case of community transmission in the area. Since then, almost every confirmed case has pointed to local transmission.
“When the health department tries to trace the source of the disease, we cannot find a specific contact.” “This means that the virus has spread in the community, not just in China, as the CDC suspects, or only through people coming back from China,” Smith told officials in Santa Clara County
On March 9, ahrabi became the first confirmed dead patient in Santa Clara County. Health investigators said they could not find the source of the infection, while her family said she spent most of her time at home caring for her mother, rarely driving out, just walking to a grocery store. However, ahrabi and his mother live in an apartment with high international density.
Ahrabi had symptoms in mid February and was diagnosed with pneumonia when she was sent to the emergency room on February 20. Doctors prescribed antibiotics for her to go home first. The next day, she was sent back to intensive care. Ahrabi’s son Amir said he had asked doctors to test his mother for the new coronavirus, but doctors said the county health department would not approve it because she did not meet any of the conditions for testing.
A California patient was transferred from a sanatorium on the 8th. (photo source: Associated Press)