The breath of autumn

Autumn rain hit their faces. A pile of dark grey clouds, low on the ground. It was late autumn, and the endless trees in the forest were bare. The old trees stood gloomily, letting the brown moss cover their wrinkles. The ruthless autumn stripped them of their beautiful clothes, and they had to stand there bald.
Autumn comes with the sound of falling leaves, and the morning is as fresh as dew. The sky shines softly, clear and dim, making people want to hear the song of a flying lark, just as they want to see a white sail in the blue sea. The setting sun is the wings of time, when it flies away, there is a moment of extremely brilliant development. So dusk.
The clear sky at the end of late autumn is like an endless blue sea; the intense white light is pulsating in the air, like the microwave on the sea; the sorghum patches at the foot of the hill are always waving like fluctuating red water; and the faded leaves give the field a fading color.
What a beautiful autumn day! It’s no longer scorched earth or ashes. It’s a thriving land with tens of millions of mountain breezes and red carpets. The Pinus koraiensis covered with marbles is still alive, standing proudly on the high rocks, the whistle in the valley is jubilant, and the white hope is slowly flying in the paddy fields.
When the steep westerly wind brushes the sky higher and higher, when the children on the street look at the last Southern geese, when the boundless grass in the vast wilderness is swaying withered and yellow, when it is autumn, it is the season of deciduous trees.
Later in the night after autumn, when the moon went down, the sun had not yet risen, leaving only a dark blue sky; everything except for the night trips fell asleep.
The evening of late autumn always comes very quickly, and before the water vaporized by the sun dissipates on the hills, the sun falls into the western mountains. So the wind in the valley drives the white mist downhill with a strong sense of coolness, and the shadow of the mountain tops down on the village more and more quickly. The shadow is getting thicker and thicker, gradually mixing with the night, but soon it is silver-gray again by the moon candle.
The moon, which is not yet round, rises to a higher altitude gradually. A transparent grey cloud, a light cover of the moonlight, the field above, as if caged up a light smoke, stocks off, as if falling into a dream. After the evening clouds drifted by, the smoke disappeared in the fields, and the water-like light washed down the soft autumn night.
On autumn night, the sky is high and luxuriant. A crescent moon hangs quietly in the southwest sky. The cold moonlight is so gloomy that the stars of the Milky Way are more and more brilliant. In the dense and boundless fields of sorghum, corn and millet, this song echoes the chirping sound of autumn insects, and the scorpion accidentally adds several accompaniments, blowing the earthworm like a cold eggplant intermittently. Willows hang quietly by the roadside, and shadows cover winding paths of weeds.
… The moon came up, but let the clouds cover up half, hiding far away in the cracks of trees, like a country girl, shy. Previous people said, “Call a thousand times and come out, still holding the Pipa and half covering the face.” It’s a little bit! The clouds are getting thicker and thicker. Let him alone. He is too lazy to take care of them. But think, if it’s an autumn night, it’s better to have a westerly wind. Although it is not a true pine tree, the surging sound of “waves” should also be heard.
The westerly wind will not come naturally. At bedtime, we light two or three waxes in the middle of the hall. The timid flame kept the roof under pressure and could not breathe. We looked at each other through the candlelight, like a layer of smoke. Outside it was black and sea-like. Only a few barks can teach us that we are still alive.
Blue sky. In late autumn, it is spotless and transparent. Douduoxia clouds are reflected on the clear Jialing River; the microwave of fish scales and the green river water add colour to the floating clouds, which is particularly gorgeous.
On a cool and clear autumn night, bright and red Mars adds a lot of luster and interest to us in the sky. Lately, after eight o’clock every night, Mars rises from the southeastern horizon. It’s brighter than any star in the nearby sky. It’s easy to find no matter where you are.
What a tragic and solemn atmosphere the fallen leaves of North China have created! The deciduous leaves are dyed golden or vermilion. Maybe it was just two pieces, like two golden butterflies with broken souls. But then there was a thunderous golden shower. Then a golden carpet was laid under the tree. On this carpet, iron casting is also similar, standing bare and sparse trunks and branches, straight into the high blue sky and light clouds.
Fruit trees in the north, coming in autumn, are also a wonder. The first is the jujube tree, which will grow up one by one in the corner, on the wall, beside the thatched house and at the kitchen door. The jujubes, like olives and pigeon eggs, are at the peak of autumn when they show pale green and yellowish color in the middle of small oval leaves. When the leaves of jujubes fall and the jujubes are red, the northwest wind will rise.
The locust tree in the north is also an ornament reminiscent of autumn. If you get up in the morning, it will spread all over the ground. When you step on it, there is no sound or smell, but only a tiny soft touch.
The feeble cries of the cicadas are the specialty of the North. Because there are trees everywhere in Peiping and the houses are low, their singing can be heard everywhere. In the south, you don’t have to go to the countryside or the mountains to hear it. The hoarse of this autumn cicada, like crickets and mice in Peiping, is just like a household insect that every household keeps at home.

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