New crown of confirmed infection in Wulei

China Football Association has China novel coronavirus pneumonia, known by Wu Lei, a member of the Chinese soccer team, who has been playing at the Spanish football club. At present, Wu Lei has mild symptoms and is undergoing treatment.
The Chinese Football Association has been in close communication with Wu Lei and the Spanish club, and will provide all necessary help as the case may be.
Wish Wu Lei recover soon! Thank you for your concern.
Chinese Football Association
March 21, 2020
Previously reported:
In the early morning of the 21st, Spain’s “daily sports” said that radio coper reporters have confirmed that Wu Lei is one of the Spanish players who have confirmed the new crown virus! CCTV news client also forwarded the message later.
Have a fever of the novel coronavirus pneumonia, the fever, dry cough, chest pain, and so on, which the Spanish and the team reporter Thomas Guscher introduced to the Red Star reporter in detail this morning, and introduced the details of Wu Lei’s diagnosis and the latest situation. “Wu Lei, like other teammates, has presented a typical new symptom of pneumonia.”
Last season, red star news special contributor guscher (left) interviewed Wu Lei (right) pictures provided by interviewees
However, gusche said, “after the diagnosis of the team doctor, he thought that the six Club infected patients, including Wu Lei, were not seriously ill and did not need to go to the hospital. They are all isolated at home, and they need to be isolated for 14 days after full recovery. “
Wu Lei was confirmed to be infected after examination on November 11
The Spanish confirmed that novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 6 of the club, including 4 players. Uruguayan media first revealed that defender kavrella is one of them, which has also been confirmed by kavrella. But the identities of the other three have not been confirmed. This is also the focus of the major media, and Chinese fans are most concerned about the situation of Wu Lei.
“After the follow-up and confirmation of radio cobay, the second confirmed name is Wu Lei,” the daily sports newspaper wrote in an article published in the early morning of the 21st It was Thomas guscher who announced the name of Wu Lei. Novel coronavirus pneumonia told Red Star reporters that he had verified the infection of Wu Lei from the two people in the Spanish club.
“Like Aravis and Valencia, the Spaniard club has not released a list of all confirmed staff. As far as I know, there are four players and one staff member in the six. After the match in early March, the team trained near navata in Catalonia. On November 11, the new coronavirus has spread in Spain, so after the whole team gathered, the team doctors have suspected that someone has contracted the new coronavirus, so the team called everyone to check in Barcelona. These six people are the disease that is checked out at this time
The Spaniard shut down the club and all facilities after being diagnosed with the new crown virus.
On March 11, when the Spaniard tested the team for the new crown virus, Wu Lei also trained with his teammates. According to IC Photo