Thank you, friend

Thank you, my friend in life. It’s good to have you.
Thank you, my dear, for spending ten years of my life with me. In the second grade of elementary school, I met you for the first time; in the fourth grade of elementary school, I met you; until now, we have been good friends. Although we are not in the same city, we have always been best friends. Some people say that keeping in touch is often more intimate, but it’s not. Sometimes between us, light, maybe more lasting.
For ten years, we have been delivering “letters” unchanged. So far, I still like this way. However, with the development of the times, we are changing. The frequent “messaging” in the past has gradually become “zero” today. I remember that the last time I received your letter was on my birthday.
We all need to keep up with the times, but I still like our “traditional” way of delivering letters and keeping in touch. I know. You like it, too. Due to the limitation of time and space, network communication is more convenient. However, it seems that because of its rapidity, the emotion in the letter has been reduced a lot, or at least lost the feeling of the past.
It’s almost New Year’s Day. I thought I could see you. As a result, you said, you won’t go home in New Year’s Day. Well, I’m not sorry. Next time, we’ll see you again. I’ll wait for you next time.
There are many friends in my life. My best friend is my best friend from childhood to adulthood. In addition, I also have many good friends, pen friends, music friends, classmates friends…
I have several pen pals. They are literary pen pals, including those who write poems and plays. Among them, my girlfriend is the best pen pal who accompanies me all the way. In addition, I also thank my other pen pals, thank them, accompany me all the way, on the road of literature, running side by side… Hopefully, we can always persist!
I have a music friend whose name is Chopper. Let’s see, we’ve known each other for half a year. I am a person who likes music very much, but I can’t sing to myself because of my incomplete five tones. However, since I met this music friend, I have been able to let go of myself and sing loudly! I used to suffer from “singing is ugly, dare not sing”, but later, he said to me, do not feel inferior, just practice more. I listened to him, and as a result, really, I found that I had made a lot of progress, and I became more and more confident in singing. Later, I learned a truth: in fact, many things, not that we can not do, but that we are “intimidating” ourselves in our hearts; not that we are “incompetent”, but that we lack self-confidence. So, I want to thank Chopper, let me find the confidence of singing!
I’ve always wanted to learn a musical instrument, but I’m suffering from no one to teach it. Later, I found a “self-taught instrument” – Taodi. Compared with other instruments, self-study is more possible. Chopping pottery flute plays very well, and often blows to me, I am also learning, I hope to learn it well!
Thank you, Professor, for your music!
Besides pen friends and music friends, I have many friends. In fact, nature is also a good friend of mine.
Nature is beautiful. I yearn for freedom and nature. Flowers, trees, mountains and rivers are the most beautiful portrayal of nature. And the morning light, the setting sun, the blue sky and the white clouds, the hopeful view of the sky, are also beautiful structures of nature. I like nature. I regard nature as my good friend for life. Thank nature, thank this friend, let me be sad when she can suddenly open up!

Everyone’s life will make many friends, they will always give us help or spiritual comfort at some time, without them, life will lose its due significance. Because our life is based on interpersonal communication, friends are an important part of our life circle. I hope we can cherish our friends and everyone around us.
Thank you, my friends. It’s good to have you.

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