Love apartment 5 apologize

On the evening of January 15, the official micro blog of love apartment 5 released an apology Book saying that due to poor supervision, the paintings of up main “old tomato” were wrongly used as a reference for the 8th episode of the manuscript, resulting in the final use of similar props. The crew apologized for this.
Love apartment 5 apologize, props painting “wrong reference” others painting
According to the public information, “love apartment 5” was launched on January 12, 2020. On January 13, some netizens thought that the 39 minute 20 second manuscript in the eighth episode “have a word to say” was similar to the up main “old tomato” work.
The apology book said that on the day when we saw the netizen’s message, we immediately checked the matter in the crew, confirmed that this error was caused by poor supervision, and said, “we mistakenly used the old tomato painting as a reference picture, resulting in the final use of props drawing similar, which we are very sorry for!”
The production team also revealed that they had immediately tried to contact Mr. tomato and the team through various ways, and said that based on their respect for Mr. tomato, the relevant paragraphs had been revised overnight, and the corrected fragments had been online last night.
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There is no Wang Chuanjun and Deng Jiajia in love apartment 5. Net friend: I haven’t seen them get married yet
Wei Zheng, the director, announced last year that “love apartment 5” would be the final season of the whole series of “love apartment”. Lou Yixiao, Zhang Wei, Li Jiahang, sun Yizhou, Li Jinming, Meijia and Chen he, the former generation of “Guangu” Wang Chuanjun, and Deng Jiajia, youyou are the only ones missing.
Love apartment 5 went live in 2020, and the last one was the fourth season premiered on January 17, 2014. “Love apartment” tells a common but fun story between 10 different people living in love apartment.
Recalling the youth of a generation in the movie “love apartment”
The movie version of love apartment, as a 10-year-old drama, accompanies the youth of a generation. Although inside the screen, the story never stops, and everyone always gets together; outside the screen, Chen he, Li Jiahang, Lou Yixiao, Deng Jiajia and other leading actors have all experienced important growth and changes in their lives. Many of the audience of “love apartment” are also young boys and girls in their school days, and now they are going to work.
In 2009, when the first season of TV series was launched, this small-cost, new face sitcom did not receive special attention. Up to now, the broadcast volume of the whole series of love apartment on the Internet platform has exceeded 10 billion, among which the broadcast volume on iqiyi platform in the fourth quarter alone has reached 6.24 billion. The main reason for the popularity of this series is that it satisfies the audience’s all imagination about the common life of the sworn party, including laughter, companionship, tears and moving. In the film version of love apartment, Zeng Xiaoxian, Hu Yifei, LV ziqiao, Zhang Wei, Tang Youyou, Chen Meijia and other characters all return. The film is still operated by Wei Zheng, the director of the TV series, and Wang Yuan, the writer.