Cook’s pay is down

What’s the matter with cook’s pay cut? Apple’s sales performance has declined in the past 2019, which has led to a drop in executive pay across the company, while cook, as Apple’s president, saw an annual pay drop of about $4 million compared to 2018. Cook’s total compensation in 2019 was $11.6 million, compared with $15.7 million in 2018, so why has it fallen so much?
According to the report, Apple CEO cook’s total salary in 2019 is US $11.6 million, with an annual salary of US $15.7 million in 2018; Apple CFO Luca Maestri’s total salary in 2019 is US $25.2 million, with a total salary of US $26.5 million in 2018; and CEO Jeff Williams’s total salary in 2019 is US $25.2 million, with a total salary of US $26.5 million in 2018.
In 2019, Apple CEO cook’s annual compensation to company median employee ratio was 201:1.
But for Apple executives such as cook, the annual salary is only a part of their income. If the performance meets the standard, the board of directors will give them stock awards, which will be a huge wave of rewards.
Recently, Apple CEO Tim Cook donated 6880 privately owned company shares to an unnamed charity, worth about $2 million as of the trading day.
Cook regularly attends charity events, such as a one-on-one meeting auction through charitybuzz. In 2014, for example, lunch with cook at Apple’s headquarters cost $330000. Revenue from online sales usually goes to the Robert Kennedy Center for justice and human rights. Like other high-tech executives, cook has pledged all of his personal money to charity, and in 2015 said he plans to take a “systematic approach” to charity.
This week, Apple’s share price rose 2.28% to a record high above $300. Apple’s share price soared nearly 90% in 2019, leading faang. For such performance, industry analysts are generally optimistic about Apple, most of whom believe that Apple’s stock will soar further in 2020, and its stock is expected to rise to $350, or even $400.