Cold day

Before the New Year arrives, there are already loud firecrackers sounding in our ears, and the wind and rain, or the strong or light smell of fireworks, some of our neighbors begin to decorate their lanterns, and the couplets can not wait to stick to our doorsteps as early as possible, all of which constantly show the approach of the New Year’s footsteps. Waiting for the New Year with joy has become my second longing since the beginning of winter vacation and the full sleep of every day.
However, the joy was suddenly stopped by a hasty call and the sad look of her mother, Grandma was ill in hospital. So, a family rushed to the hospital to see their grandmother. After weeping sadly, her mother decided to stay and help her frail grandmother, saying that she would only come home on New Year’s Eve.
On December 14th, I got up earlier than before. I was worried about it, because my grandmother and my mother were also concerned about it. After getting up, I found that my father had already been busy with his work. The family was really a bit “cold and cool”. This day, I spent it in the company of cold rice, instant noodles, books and TV.
On the 15th of December, after getting up, the family was still “cold and clear”, looking around, there were some “miserable and miserable relatives”. No wonder, my mother was absent, and no one cleaned up the house for three days. Dad is tired of traveling outside on weekdays, but as soon as he gets home, he crosses his legs and enjoys the proper treatment of the elders; and I, as a student who gets up early and returns late on weekdays, have to finish all kinds of learning tasks when I get home, and have become a young master at home. Faced with the present, can’t bear to see? At this time, I really feel how serious the dependence on my mother is, and I really appreciate the hard work that my mother faces in the daily housework at home. I asked myself: When did I help my mother sweep the floor? When did you wash the dishes for your mother? When can I help my mother fold the quilt? After self-accusation, do what you say.
First, clean the floor. I recalled my mother’s appearance. First, I swept the floor with a broom. Then I soaked the mop in the water and lifted it to dry. Then I held the handle of the mop in both hands and bowed myself to start cleaning the stains on the floor. On weekdays, it feels simple to look at, but actually it is not easy to dry, because to keep the mop clean in the bucket, and constantly change the water, busy work for a while has not finished cleaning a room, I have been sweating hot. Today, I finally experienced my mother’s hard work, thinking that her mother had to do these housework every day. After feeling, I continued to wipe it up. It took me about two hours to wipe the floor of every room. The floor was bright and I was so tired that I was panting on the sofa. But I was very happy to see the clean floor. Look at the time. It’s 10:30 and the boiling water will pass.
After a short rest, thinking about the messy bedroom I saw when I washed the floor in the morning, I started a new journey, tidying up my mother’s bedroom. Looking at the bedclothes like rubbed paper is really a hindrance, so let’s start with the sheets on the bed. I think, according to the military training instructors to teach that set of methods will work. First, hold the two corners of one side of the quilt and tremble a few times. This tremor does not matter, but pulls the quilt off the bed. No way, I had to put aside the quilt and make the bed cover first. This bed cover is also not an oil-saving lamp. It seems that it was born unwilling to match this bed. It is hard to arrange it. After three or five times, the four corners will be put in place. Then, according to the above method of arranging the quilt, repeat it, and accomplish it easily. Then there is the dressing table. Mother is a simple rural woman. She doesn’t like to dress up. She doesn’t have any cosmetics. Her biggest hobby is reading. The dressing table has become her desk, maybe hereditary, I also love reading, but we both have a bad habit, that is, no matter how wide, narrow, thick and thin the books we read, they will be piled up at will for a long time, until the occurrence of a “book landslide” before starting to tidy up. Looking at the “dangerous building” in front of me, I felt the task came again. I picked up the biggest one, put the same size thick under it, one home base on the other corner of the table, and when they were all selected, pushed it on the edge of the wall, a square “building” was finally completed.
Shortly after his busy schedule, Dad came home earlier than usual. As soon as he entered the door, he saw the clean floor and said in surprise, “Oh, why is the floor so bright today?” “I wiped it!” I jumped off the sofa and could not wait to show my work. Dad patted me on the shoulder and praised me. While I was wondering about his “early retirement”, my father laughed and asked, “Do you think home is important or factory is important? Do you think it’s important to celebrate the New Year or to earn money? I said happily, “Of course, home, and New Year’s Day!” It seems that Dad’s consciousness has improved, but it’s a pity that Mom wasn’t there at that time. Otherwise, another good play of “cynicism” was put on.
To tell you the truth, I miss my mother for two days. I miss her hot meals and hot dishes. I miss her nagging. The most important thing is that I hope she will come home to see my work and have a smile on her face. What could be happier than a parent’s smile and affirmation, even though his whole body aches and pains at the end of the day? At this time, the sound of firecrackers was ringing in my ear. My father suggested that we start to put up couplets and hang red lanterns for the Spring Festival. I immediately echoed him and said, “Okay, while we clean up all the cold in our house, we welcome the Queen Mother’s Mother.”
This day – the fifteenth day of the twelfth lunar month – is cold and warm in heart.

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