Online car Hailing boss kills himself

The first round of the semi-finals of the dmasia cup of the League of heroes has officially ended. In this competition, the EDG team has regained their dominance over the dmasia cup. Although VG team pulled two games in succession, they refused to be chased by two or three teams in the end. They won the game successfully and reached the final at the same time.
In fact, in the previous transfer period, the operation of the EDG team has made many people quite dissatisfied, it can be said that they did not buy any strong players. However, it’s unexpected that the list that EDG bought from the youth training camp will be so powerful, and the performance of the newcomers, jiejie and hope, will also make fans overjoyed. From this state of view, EDG’s lineup this year is quite good.
As for VG, the opponent of EDG, it’s a pity. Although the three players of Shangshan, Zhongshan and AD are quite good, Yefu and AIX are too “straddling”, especially the player of the field, their performance in these games can be said to be “horrible”, and they have made numerous mistakes, regardless of whether the rhythm or operation is completely blasted on the opposite side, which also leads to VG’s final loss of the game.
What’s more, after seeing the poor performance of Aix, some netizens also went to check the segment of Aix under curiosity. They didn’t expect that there was only platinum in Hanfu. Although rank doesn’t mean everything, for a professional, only platinum is really too bad.
After finding out this, and combining with the performance of Aix in the game before, the fans were also quite angry, blasting the official blog of VG team one after another, asking them to change the field in a hurry. Now it’s just the demacia cup, even if you don’t get a good result, it doesn’t have a great impact, but if the spring match is still like this, it will be really cool.
What’s more incomprehensible is that VG team actually introduced another field player chieftain before, but even if AIX’s performance was so poor, VG still didn’t let the chieftain play. Is it true that the management believed in AIX so much? Or do you want to hide the chieftain as a secret weapon for the spring games?
In any case, after the reorganization of VG team this year, fans still have high expectations for the team, and there is a powerful coach like kkoma in the team. I hope they can adjust their condition well later. Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message.