The third snow in Beijing

On the night of the 23rd, there was light snow or sporadic snow in most cloudy and overcast areas; the southerly wind was level 1 and 2; the minimum temperature in plain areas was – 3 ℃, the minimum temperature in mountainous areas was – 8 ~ – 5 ℃; the maximum relative humidity was 90%. Day on the 24th: most areas have light snow or sporadic light snow to turn overcast; southerly wind is level 2 and 3; the highest temperature in plain areas is 1 ℃, the highest temperature in mountainous areas is – 3-1 ℃; the minimum relative humidity is 60%. On the night of the 24th, it turned cloudy and clear, with light fog or fog; it turned from south to north about level 2; the lowest temperature in plain area was – 6 ℃, the lowest temperature in mountainous area was – 12 ~ – 8 ℃; the highest relative humidity was 95%. On the 25th of the day: sunny to overcast; northerly wind 2, 3, level 4;
The highest temperature is 5 ℃ in plain area and 2-5 ℃ in mountainous area. On the night of the 25th, it was cloudy (there was light snow in the mountain area); the northerly wind was about 2 degrees; the lowest temperature in the plain area was – 6 ℃, and the lowest temperature in the mountain area was – 12 ~ – 8 ℃. Key tips: 1. There will be snowfall from tonight to tomorrow in the daytime. The surface temperature is low, and the road surface is prone to snow and ice. At that time, the road surface will be slippery and the visibility will be poor, so you need to pay attention to cold protection, warmth preservation and traffic safety when you travel. 2. Although some water areas have been frozen, but the ice surface is fragile, please do not tread on the ice!