Donate 10 pigs to your alma mater

Two days ago, Yangjiang No. 1 middle school in Guangdong Province celebrated its 110th anniversary. One alumni donated 10 pigs to his alma mater, saying that they were for teachers and students participating in the celebration. Although the alumni only donated 10 pigs, his love for his alma mater can be learned, which also shows his gratitude to his alma mater.
In the history of school donation in China, there are many large donations to the alma mater of middle school. For example, in 2019, an alumni of Dongkeng middle school in Dongguan donated 20 million yuan on the 50th anniversary of the founding of the alma mater, and the alumni of Jingzhou middle school in Hubei donated 5 million yuan on the 116th anniversary of the founding of the alma mater. However, compared with the alumni donation of universities, it is still a small thing. Some universities even received a large amount of alumni donation in one year To several billion yuan.
In the list of top 100 University Alumni donation in 2019, Peking University received 3.143 billion yuan of donation, ranking first in the country. The amount of donation exceeded the total amount of many universities’ funds for many years, which is enviable.
Tsinghua University and Renmin University of China contributed more than 2.89 billion yuan and 2.157 billion yuan respectively.
Among the top 30 universities in this list, Shenzhen University, with a total donation of 769 million yuan from alumni, ranks 11th in the country, surpassing most of the 985 universities, has attracted more attention.
Last year, Shenzhen University celebrated its 35th anniversary. Ma Huateng’s team donated 350 million yuan, including 200 million yuan from Ma Huateng, 50 million yuan from Zhang Zhidong, Chen Yidan and Xu chenye, which directly ranked Shenzhen University 11th in China.
However, in terms of individual donations from alumni, Ma Huateng’s 200 million is not in the top ten in China, and there are several individuals who have donated more than 1 billion. Let’s take a look at the top ten of individual donations from alumni:
There are three alumni who have donated more than 1 billion yuan. They are Fudan University Alumni Lu Zhiqiang, chairman of China oceanwide Holdings Group, Peking University Alumni Huang nubo, chairman of Beijing Zhongkun investment group, alumni of University of Electronic Science and technology, Xiong Xinxiang, chairman of Chongqing boon technology group, and Liu qiangdong, chairman of Jingdong group, who donated 300 million yuan to his alma mater, also can’t make the list.
In addition, there are several relatively large donations that have not been included in this list. For example, country garden Yang’s father and daughter plan to donate 2.2 billion yuan to Tsinghua University in the next 10 years, Li Ka Shing plan to donate 2 billion yuan to Shantou University in the next 8 years, and Wang Yuan, chairman of Shanghai Suizhen Investment Management Co., Ltd., plans to donate 1.1 billion yuan to Zhejiang University, the alma mater, in the next 10 years. These donations are paid in installments, but not in installments There is complete receipt, so no statistics are included in the list.
Back to the beginning of our article, in fact, it doesn’t matter how much we donate to our alma mater. This Alumni’s action confirms the famous saying: everyone presents a piece of love, and the world will become better!
Donation is about your love. If your donation can help the alma mater, the alma mater has better conditions to cultivate more people who are useful to the society, the alma mater will also cultivate more people who are caring, and our world will be better in the future.