Believe oneself

In real life, how many people have their own say? I think they are very rare. They are generally collective wisdom. From country to family, democratic consultation is needed. When it comes to personal emotions that need to be paid, you have to weigh the pros and cons and have reasons to convince yourself. We all want to believe in our decisions, even if only once, without regret. However, this is not the case. On the contrary, there are many people who doubt themselves, and finally they come to the point of not believing in themselves.
There’s a voice around us: I believe in myself all my life, but I haven’t done a thing well. I’ve taken a wrong step and blamed myself for being too stubborn and not integrating into the society. Maybe it sounds reasonable. Once you think about the existence of irrationality, I want to ask you what you believe in? A decision or a will? Reasonable or confident? Emotion instead of reason? Or impulse to cover up ignorance? Hearing this voice is like saying to yourself that you cheated yourself for a lifetime. If you have always believed in yourself, you will not say such a thing, because you all know that without a rational division between right and wrong, it is difficult to distinguish between victory and defeat in the world. What you distinguish is your mood and attitude, and how much you know about things.
It is very valuable to have reason to believe in oneself, which is one’s own view and attitude towards things and a sign of one’s own rational judgment. There is a saying that perseverance is victory, but where the power of perseverance comes from is a very important internal factor. You think, a person can have nothing, but can not have no mood, no will, this is noble consciousness that others can influence but can not seize. We integrate into the vast and prosperous society, always feel small and pitiful, this is a very normal rational judgment, but also in line with the laws of nature. As an independent life, we need our encouragement and support. In fact, this motivation is always believing in ourselves. We are not saying who we can trust even if we don’t believe in ourselves. The key is to believe in ourselves. Practice tells us that all achievements are cultivated by time, and time is a rich product accumulated with patience. Man is the master of time or the slave of time, which needs to distinguish the life attitude of active consciousness from passive consciousness.
Believing in yourself is very important because it is a life experience that you can feel. Generally speaking, the process of life is the process of experience and appreciation. The content of the process is very rich and wonderful. Everyone has a world in his eyes, an impulse to try, and a strong desire to show his personality. If you believe in yourself, don’t doubt, don’t mind how others think of you. If you have anything in your heart, boldly show it to the world. This is God’s right to give you freedom. Don’t blame the world for its unfairness, just treat it as a natural phenomenon. If unfairness affects your full mood, it’s the shadow we cast on ourselves. We don’t have to, because we have no ability to change the phenomenon. We can only filter the phenomenon with our mood, so that we can trust our rational judgment and warm our voice.
Strength is the role of human spirit. Believing in one’s own abilities and wisdom can radiate endless passion and achieve the passive factor of overcoming one’s own cowardice. In order to let oneself have no regrets or regrets, one must believe in oneself. Depending on others to believe that others are temporary phenomena, and ultimately depend on themselves, which has been repeatedly proved by practice, no one will never face the reality in his life, nor will that person be willing to listen to slavery all his life. It should be remembered that dependence psychology is a habit formed over a long period of time. It is neither imposed by others nor the original wish of oneself. It is the result of continuous infiltration of environmental consciousness. The reason is clear, that depends on their own needs and choices. But people have compassion and self-esteem. They don’t want to be scolded in the face. That is why the so-called power can take the three armies and not the mind.
How many people don’t hate to die? You can hear from the mouth of the old people, you are young, do what you want to do, we are old, have that heart no longer that strength. They are all regretting that if they can live again, maybe they will change. Let me see, what they regret is not the resurgence, but the failure to persevere in what they believe. To say this is to give oneself a sense of deception under the steps. If it is because the old do not believe in their wisdom and ability, it still belongs to the halfway to give up, because knowledge is not exhaustive, exploration is not exhaustive, living to learn and never stop is the symbol of human pursuit. Obviously, it’s still cheating. It’s a sign of lack of confidence in oneself. Believing in oneself means carrying out what one thinks he likes and blaming any objective conditions for it is unreasonable.

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