Ji Xiaobo is under 5.8 billion

According to Taiwan media, Wu Peici gave birth to two sons and one daughter for her husband-in-law Ji Xiaobo, who is now pregnant with her fourth child and is about to unload at the end of the year. Recently (21 days), it was reported that Ji Xiaobo owed nearly 25 billion Taiwan dollars (about 5.8 billion yuan), and her life was threatened, so she moved away from the four seasons hotel where she lived for a long time. It seems that Wu Peici’s life has not been affected. She is still updating on social networking sites Recent developments.
According to Wu Peici’s previous biography, more than 200 Taiwanese technicians were attracted to build seven-star hotels for her in Saipan, but now it’s said that these people were “resigned”. Her fiance was even more shocked to say that she owed nearly 25 billion Taiwan dollars (about 5.8 billion yuan) in debt and mortgaged her 300 million yuan mansion to the bank. Although Wu Peici didn’t respond positively to this, she wrote on her micro blog on the 10th Seeing that the east wing and the north wing of Bohua Saiban imperial palace resort village that I have participated in the design have been completed and will be put into operation next week, I am not only moved but also grateful
“Thanks to the efforts of hundreds of Taiwan workers, because of your superb craftsmanship, the hotel is able to give such a good effect; unfortunately, all the banquets around the world, part of Bohua’s own construction projects have been completed, and all the unfinished projects have been continued by contractors, so thank you very much for your efforts.” she also showed the photos of the completion of the resort, as if to clarify the liabilities for the other half Rumor, but also indirectly recognized the departure of Taiwan technicians.
Recently, Wu Peici also sent a message to share the interaction with his daughter. It seems that his mood has not been affected. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether Ji Xiaobo is in debt or whether their relationship will be affected.