Lin Zhiling’s wedding dress

Since Lin Zhiling went abroad to marry heize Liangping, the wedding of the two people has been concerned, and with the wedding date approaching, some details are gradually presented.
On November 16, some of the wedding dresses of Lin Zhiling and heize Liangping were exposed by Taiwan media. However, in terms of diamond rings, wedding dresses and wedding cars, it can be described in one sentence as follows: the prosperity of women and the decline of men are too low-key to be publicized or the strength is not allowed?
First of all, from the perspective of diamond ring, Taiwan media has estimated the diamond ring in Lin Zhiling’s hand. This flower shaped ring with small diamonds is likely to be a private customized one. The total price is expected to be between NT $400000 and NT $600000, equivalent to NT $91000 and NT $130000.