An accident occurred during Xu Dongdong’s operation

Xu Dongdong, who hasn’t seen an appearance for a long time, recently suddenly heard the news of “an accident occurred during Xu Dongdong’s operation”. For a while, netizens talked about it. So what happened to the accident during Xu Dongdong’s operation? What happened to Xu Dongdong? Let’s take a look.
What happened to the accident during Xu Dongdong’s operation
On November 7, according to media reports, actor Xu Dongdong had an accident during an operation in a plastic surgery hospital and has now been transferred to another hospital for treatment. It is reported that the artery was damaged to remove the pink tumor. Fortunately, it is out of the danger of life. Xu Dongdong once played “sister-in-law” in “Yu sin”. How could he be so careless this time?
When it comes to Xu Dongdong, you may think of the wonderful part of her playing Zhang Yishan’s “sister-in-law” in Yu sin, especially the entanglement and provocation between her and Zhang Yishan, which caused quite a stir at that time. And with the outstanding figure is in the circle of many fans on the Internet.
According to media reports, Xu Dongdong had an accident during the operation in a plastic surgery hospital. During the operation, he had an accident because he was too close to the artery. Fortunately, he was rescued in time and now he is out of danger.
From the exposure picture, Xu Dongdong is very weak in bed, his whole body is wrapped tightly, his eyes are not closed very well, it is estimated that the damage caused by the operation is too large.
And because the plastic surgery hospital does not have such emergency measures, so we have to turn to a large hospital for treatment. It can be seen that this plastic surgery hospital is not a large scale. This is Xu Dongdong’s mistake in choosing a hospital. Fortunately, there is no life danger.
As you may have heard, pink tumor is a common skin disease in our life, but the size of the disease is different, so the attention is also different. I don’t know how serious Xu Dongdong’s condition is this time, and finally he chose to go to plastic surgery hospital?
Of course, this is not the first time that Xu Dongdong has attracted people’s attention because of plastic surgery news. Earlier, Xu Dongdong was suspected of having breast reduction surgery because of entering and leaving Hong Kong plastic surgery institutions. However, because I didn’t respond at that time, this matter will not end.
Compared with the last plastic surgery, Xu Dongdong may not be so lucky this time, because plastic surgery almost has a life risk, it seems that we should be more cautious.
The cause of the accident in Xu Dongdong’s operation
On November 6, Xu Dongdong, an actor, was sent to the emergency center by the plastic surgery hospital because of an accident when he was in the beauty and plastic surgery hospital to have the operation to remove the pink tumor. At present, Xu Dongdong is out of danger. But according to the photos, Xu Dongdong is still in a coma.
Don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing to do with the plastic surgery that the public understands. * it is reported that the so-called “atheroma” refers to sebaceous cyst, mainly caused by the sebaceous glands excretory duct obstruction, the sebaceous gland cystic epithelium is gradually increased content of the swelling of the cyst. Sebaceous cyst is often complicated with infection, resulting in cyst rupture and temporary regression, but will form scars, and easy to relapse. It is reported that only surgery can completely eradicate the pink tumor.
However, because the general hospital surgery will leave obvious scars, so people with conditions will generally choose to go to plastic surgery or regular beauty salon for surgery. It is estimated that Xu Dongdong will go to plastic surgery hospital for surgery in order to avoid scars.
According to the principle, the operation is a very small operation. Unexpectedly, there was an accident. Fortunately, Xu Dongdong is out of danger. I hope she can recover as soon as possible.
But it also reflects Xu Dongdong’s beauty loving nature as always. In fact, Xu Dongdong’s figure and beauty are very good. She is a plump beauty. She is even called “the successor of Liuyan” by the media.
In addition, Xu Dongdong has also participated in many films and TV plays for several years, but the most well-known one is Yu sin. Xu Dongdong, who previously played “sister-in-law” Shen Jiawen in “Yu sin” starring Zhang Yishan, has attracted attention because of her excellent figure. In the popular impression, Xu Dongdong’s first concern is not her acting and music, but Xu Dongdong’s beauty and figure.
Previously, Xu Dongdong and Yin Ziwei, a 15-year-old Hong Kong artist, were joked about as “beauty and beast” when they were in public love. When Xu Dongdong and Yin Ziwei announced their break-up in August this year, their fans were also excited. Enough to prove the beauty of Xu Dongdong in their hearts.
Although it’s beautiful enough, Xu Dongdong still loves beauty very much, and cares about her body and hair color, etc. in her personal social account, 7 of 10 microblogs may be lamenting that she’s too fat. The rest one is propaganda, and 2 are self doubt and in-depth research on her appearance details. From this we can see that Xu Dongdong is a person who pursues perfection. It’s understandable to go to the plastic surgery hospital to have a powder tumor operation.
Speaking of Yin Ziwei, Xu Dongdong praised his kindness, tolerance and strength when he broke up with him. Their relationship was also a friend. In October, Xu Dongdong was still furious because his marketing number called Yin Ziwei an “old man”. It can be seen that even if she breaks up, her relationship with her ex is still very good. I wonder if Yin Ziwei will visit her ex girlfriend if he knows the news?
Now Xu Dongdong is interrupted because of the unexpected operation, small operation becomes large operation, and almost accident. After recovery, Xu Dongdong does not know whether he will leave shadow on the plastic surgery hospital? But for those who love beauty, beauty is the most important thing. Xu Dongdong has always been a silly elder sister. Maybe this accident is just one for her