Hebei loving mother serving sentence

Li Lijuan (ID card name “Li Yanxia”), a caring mother in Wu’an, Hebei Province, has made the latest progress in the criminal case. On October 30, 2019, the reporter obtained confirmation from Li Lijuan’s relatives and acting lawyers. Handan intermediate people’s court recently rejected the appeal of Li Lijuan’s family members and upheld the original judgment. Previously, it was reported that on the morning of July 24, 2019, Li Lijuan and other people involved in the evil case were sentenced in the first instance of the people’s Court of Wu’an city, Hebei Province. The people’s Court of Wu’an city punished Li Yanxia for four crimes, including the crime of gathering people to disturb social order, the crime of forging company seal, the crime of extortion, and the crime of fraud, and sentenced him to 20 years’ imprisonment, five years’ deprivation of political rights, and a fine of RMB 2 One million six hundred and seventy thousand yuan.
It’s sad that Hebei loving mother has to pay millions of compensation to serve her sentence.
The court heard and found that since 2011, the defendant Li Yanxia forged and used other company seals to illegally retain the exploration right of beiiron mine in Baijiazhuang village, Wu’an city; the defendant Li Yanxia took the means of fabricating facts and concealing the truth to defraud the national urban minimum living allowance fund of RMB 568493.2; the defendant Li Yanxia, together with Xu Qi and others, took the measures of false shares, false case reporting and petition control Extort 784000 yuan from the victim by means of complaints, nuisance, road blocking, threat and intimidation;
The beginning and end of the event of loving mother in Hebei Province
On May 4, after an hour and a half of hearing, the Wu’an administrative examination and approval Bureau issued a decision to revoke the administrative license on the spot, “love mother” Li Lijuan founded the Wu’an civil construction welfare love village was shut down.
The reason for the shutdown is that the company did not participate in the annual inspection from 2014 to 2016, and did not submit the annual inspection materials as required in 2017. Since then, Li Lijuan, the manager of love village, has been arrested for several extortion crimes and crimes of disturbing social order.
From the famous “Hebei good man” who adopted more than 100 orphans to the suspect who was reported to be extortion, Li Lijuan’s life peak and bottom were reversed in an instant.
Li Lijuan, the “four nephews”, was arrested. Since May 5, the news has spread rapidly in Wu’an city, which has a population of more than 800000.
For some, it doesn’t seem surprising to hear such news. In 1996, Li Lijuan began to adopt orphans and disabled children. She claimed to have adopted more than 100 people. Over the years, there have been many controversies around her. Some people say that she loves everything and sells villas to support her children. Others say that these orphaned and disabled children are just tools for her to earn money. She drives a luxury car and acts domineering. Some people even give her the nickname of “four nephews” who carry some “ruffian” in the local area.
On the morning of April 4, Wu’an city banned Li Lijuan’s welfare and love village according to law. Li Lijuan was also detained by the Public Security Bureau of Wu’an city according to law on suspicion of disturbing social order and extortion.
Love village banned after hearing
On the two day of May 4th and 5th, the Wuan municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department designated the information dissemination platform, the WeChat public number “new Wuan” published a number of articles, announces the relevant contents of Li Lijuan’s love village being banned according to law.
According to the article “Wu’an city administration examination and approval Bureau revokes the registration certificate of two private non enterprise units in accordance with the law” released on the 4th of “new Wu’an”, it is found that the welfare love village of civil construction in Wu’an city did not participate in the annual inspection for three consecutive years in 2014, 2015 and 2016, and did not submit the annual inspection materials in 2017, according to the “measures for the annual inspection of private non enterprise units” Article 10 stipulates that the administrative examination and approval Bureau of Wu’an city shall make a decision in accordance with the law: to cancel the registration certificate of the private enterprise unit of the welfare loving village of Wu’an city. “
“New Wu’an” also issued a notice entitled “our city banned Li Lijuan welfare love village according to law, and all orphans and abandoned babies involved were properly placed”. According to the announcement, in the morning of the same day, “the Civil Affairs Bureau took the lead to join the public security, fire control, health planning and other departments and Wuji town government to ban Li Lijuan welfare love village according to law”.
Before making such a decision, Wu’an administrative examination and approval bureau held a hearing, which was held in the office of the Bureau on May 4. At 8:50 a.m. that day, Li Dan, the entrusted agent of Wuan Minjian welfare love village, the orphan from love village and the fourth child adopted by Li Lijuan, entered the hearing office accompanied by Yin Qingli, a lawyer.
More than 10 orphans growing up in love village are waiting outside the office. They are now studying or working in Shijiazhuang, Handan and other places. The reason why they come back is to wait for a result.
Doudou, 20, a pseudonym, is a freshman at a medical school in Shijiazhuang. On May 3, Doudou asked for leave and came back, intending to go back after the hearing.
On April 28, Li Lijuan told them on wechat that “if the certificate is revoked, the orphanage will not be built, and we will have no home in the future.”.
The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily saw the decision of revoking administrative license issued by Wu’an administrative examination and approval Bureau.
According to the decision on revoking administrative license, on April 22, the bureau sent Li Lijuan the notice on hearing of administrative license of Wu’an city for administrative review and approval. On April 24, the administrative examination and approval Bureau of Wu’an city had received Li Lijuan’s application for hearing extension, but after examination, Li Lijuan’s reason for application extension did not conform to the provisions on hearing of administrative license in Hebei Province, and the hearing was held as scheduled.
Li Lijuan’s “independent kingdom”
Before the hearing, on May 3, a reporter from Beiqing daily and Li Lijuan