Fan Bingbing 50 million diamond ring

Recently, Fan Bingbing has attracted the attention of the media and netizens, and successfully boarded the hot search. Fifty million diamond rings? I can’t imagine if the price is credible. A few days ago, Fan Bingbing’s huge bill was revealed on the Internet.
As we all know, Fan Bingbing’s business has plummeted because of her tax problems, and even her repeated plans to return to the entertainment industry have failed. No matter what she does, it seems to be forgotten by everyone. As long as there is news related to her comeback, the result is no sound.
Fan Bingbing’s huge tax penalty has made her economic situation, even if not as good as that disclosed by the Internet. It is said that Fan Bingbing and net red co worked together to sell self created brand mask, the effect is good. But compared with what to do, if compared with the pay of being a first-line star and all kinds of endorsement fees, and the debt of online communication is just a drop in the bucket.
Recently, Fan Bingbing’s family of three showed up at the airport. The diamond ring in her hand is the most eye-catching place. People call it the size of pigeon egg, and it’s taken on the ring finger. Some people say that Fan Bingbing intentionally raised his hand to show the diamond ring for people around him to take photos. While everyone was racking their brains, the imaginative netizens doubted whether Fan Bingbing’s feelings had been found. Random or Hong Kong media gave the answer.
As netizens have guessed, Hong Kong media reported that Fan Bingbing was suspected of falling in love, and a new suitor appeared. It is said that on her birthday last month, a rich man gave her a diamond ring worth 50 million Hong Kong dollars as a birthday gift
In order to prove the matter, Hong Kong media specially contacted Ms. Liang, Fan Bingbing’s agent. The other side did not deny the matter, but said: “this is a private issue, no response.”
The rest can only be associated with themselves.
This time, Fan Bingbing dazzled 50 million diamond rings and wore them on the ring finger of his left hand. I don’t know what they are. Is there really a rich boyfriend in pursuit?
Let’s see. Time will make it clear. As long as you have patience, time will give you the answer you want.