Two Little Pigs

This year is the Year of Pig. For all the good luck, I purchased a pair of paper-cut piglets from the garden market. Then when I got home, I pasted them on the door glass of my bedroom. One of them looked left and the other looked right. Two of them were cut vividly and vividly. They looked at each other and smiled at each other at the moment. Eye-raising is auspicious.
I am a pig. This year is the year of my life. The more I look at these piglets, the more I think they are lovely.
I used to like the character of the little flower pigs, simple and honest, so I watched during the day and at night, and the more I watched, the more I loved them. That’s why I often dreamed about them in my sleep. Once, I dreamed that the little flower pigs were active from the door glass. Then they came to me, and I kept approaching them. When I was happy, I gave them to the little flower pigs. They named each other, one is Love and the other is Kinship.
Kinship and love do not look the same from the outside, but they have their own personalities. Kinship is extroverted, lively and cheerful, very grim, love is introverted, very restrained in speaking and doing things, and pay attention to discretion.
Affinity, love and I set up for a while, they went home together, back home, that is, in the pigsty, the owner of raising them is a fat man, this man likes to kiss the kind of lively and cheerful pigs, because such pigs are very grim, give people the feeling of heartless, but also can eat, such pigs grow very fast, imagine. Well, which pig breeder doesn’t like such pigs?
But love is different, full stomach is the heart, eat less, lean body, but also very wise, work strategically, so, pig raisers particularly hate this pig, think this pig is too pretentious. But in order to make the pig sell for a good price in the future, just like the pig that can only eat, so the owner of the pig endured for a while, and decided to raise his relatives and love together.
Affinity and love, therefore, fell in love with each other in the pigsty. For a long time, the hearts of the two pigs rose to the level of affection and brotherly friendship. It can be said that no one can live without anyone. Their days are very happy.
But until such a day, when Love was breaking up outside the pigsty, suddenly heard the voice of the owner and a stranger talking in the house, only to hear the stranger say to the owner: “Now the price of pork on the market is a long, hesitant, if you do not sell the fat pig that can eat, you may lose in the future.”
The master listened, thought for a moment, and then made an amazing decision. Well, elder brother, I will listen to you. Tomorrow I will kill the fat pig.
When love is heard, it suddenly becomes bitter in heart. Then somehow, the rustling tears flow out. It’s over. Everything’s over. Tomorrow, its best friends and relatives will be brought into the battlefield of slaughter. They will lie across the slaughter knife. Finally, in a tragic howl, bloody battlefield. What will it be like?
The more you cry about love, the more you think about it, the more you feel sad. Eventually, he returned to the pigsty and watched his relatives eat and drink heartlessly. He couldn’t help kicking his relatives aside. They never did. At first, they thought love was joking with him and didn’t care. But as time went on, their relatives suddenly found out that the situation was wrong. In order to stabilize their feelings, love did not tell them the truth. Kinship, but always prevent the family to eat, Kinship does not understand, ask the reason, love does not say, and Kinship grab food, but love knows deeply that, regardless of how it eats today, it can not fatten up in a day, can not replace Kinship tomorrow’s fate. The next day, when his relatives were inexplicably caught and beheaded, he awoke. He cried and screamed at the moment, but it was obviously too late. In this way, two lovely little piglets died in such a tragic way that only lonely love remained.
Love this day crying is particularly tragic, it is also very self-reproach, self-reproach did not eat properly at the beginning, resulting in the loss of companions, so, he took advantage of the owner’s unprepared, and returned to my front, he said: “I am sorry, we were a good couple, but hand in hand to go home once, back only a lonely me, so, after that, only a lonely me. The door of your bedroom is not beautiful.”
After I heard it, I cried too. This is my piglet. Now I have lost one. Do you think I can not be sad?
Because of crying, I finally woke up in a deep sleep, and I found it was only a dream. So immediately get out of bed to see the pair of little pigs on my bedroom door. God, the original pair of good little pigs, the one on the left actually disappeared. After my investigation, it was my mother who carelessly erased the little pigs while cleaning and cleaning the glass.
So I cried sadly again. Although my mother promised to buy me another pair of beautiful paper-cut pigs from the market, I knew that no one could replace my little pigs.
Hey! I’m in great pain, Xiaohua Pig. You’re really killed. What a misfortune!
But just when I was in agony, my mother advised me like this: “Girl, this is your life year, so we must pay attention to ways and means of speaking and doing things, do not always sigh, do not always cry, it is unlucky.”
The next day, with my mother’s comfort, I was in a much better mood, and my mother put a pair of beautiful new piglets on the door of my bedroom. In this way, I took the lonely piglet down, slept with him every night, and told the piglet: “Your partner is gone, I am your partner, I will take good care of you in the future, sleep, sleep. “
Speaking of that, I and Piglet jointly entered a sweet dream…

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