First breastfeeding regulation


Guangzhou publishes the first local regulation to promote breastfeeding in China
Mother and baby room should be built in class VI public places
If we want to insist on breastfeeding, it is not enough to only have the will of mothers, but also need the care of family members, the security of employers and the full support of social software and hardware. Yesterday morning, the regulations of Guangzhou Municipality on the promotion of breastfeeding was voted and adopted at the 28th meeting of the 15th Standing Committee of Guangzhou Municipal People’s Congress, which will be formally implemented after being reviewed and approved by the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress. This is the first local regulation to promote breastfeeding in China.
The law case was jointly proposed by 74 Municipal People’s congress deputies at the fourth session of the 15th Municipal People’s Congress held in January this year, and passed by vote after two deliberation by the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress. According to the Legislative Work Committee of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, there are 27 regulations in total, aiming to provide necessary conditions and guarantee for breastfeeding by promoting the government and its departments, medical institutions, public places, employers, social organizations and other main bodies.
Article / Yang Yang, all media reporter of Guangzhou Daily
Working mothers enjoy one hour of breastfeeding every day
Article 5 of the Regulations stipulates that exclusive breastfeeding shall be carried out in the first six months after the birth of a baby, except for those who do not have the conditions for breastfeeding. For infants and young children between six and 24 months old, mothers are encouraged to continue breastfeeding while providing them with other foods. No unit or individual may interfere with or discriminate against mothers in breastfeeding.
For mothers returning to work, what they are most worried about is that they can’t insist on breastfeeding at work. How can enterprises guarantee and support breastfeeding? According to the regulations, the employing unit shall arrange one hour of lactation time for female employees who breast-feed their babies under one year of age within the working hours of each day. If a female employee has multiple births, one hour of lactation time shall be increased for each additional baby. The employing unit shall regard the lactation time of female employees as normal working time and pay wages for normal working time. In addition, if the maternity leave of female employees is full and there are real difficulties, they can apply for breast-feeding leave until the baby is one year old upon their own application and approval of the employer. The salary and treatment during the breastfeeding leave shall be decided by both parties through consultation.
The maximum penalty for not building a mother and baby room is 50000 yuan
To promote breastfeeding means to provide necessary conditions and guarantee for breastfeeding. It is most urgent to build a mother and baby room to meet the breastfeeding needs of mothers, which is specified in the regulations.
As can be seen from the regulations adopted by the vote, if the following public places have a building area of more than 10000 square meters or a daily flow of more than 10000 people, a mother and child room shall be built:
(1) medical institutions;
(2) public transport places such as railway stations, rail transit transfer stations, long-distance passenger transport stations, expressway service areas, airports, etc.
(3) libraries, museums, cultural centers, art galleries, workers’ cultural palaces, youth palaces, civic activity centers, women’s and children’s activity centers, stadiums, book purchasing centers and other public cultural and sports service places;
(4) government affairs service center, convenience service center and other public service institutions;
(5) comprehensive parks, special parks, tourist attractions and other tourist and leisure places;
(6) business premises.
Medical institutions engaged in midwifery technical services and pediatric specialized hospitals shall build maternity and infant rooms.
For the newly-built medical institutions and public transport places, the mother and child room shall be delivered for use at the same time as the main works. Where a public place has been built but a mother and child room have not been built, it shall be supplemented. The regulations also point out in particular that employers with more female employees shall, in accordance with the needs of female employees, build nursing rooms and provide breast milk storage facilities. Encourage the construction of lactation rooms in office buildings, industrial parks and other places.
There are also specific requirements for the construction of mother and infant rooms in public places, including that they should be set up independently to meet the requirements of ventilation and lighting. Special nursing chair, baby care table, baby safety protection chair and other facilities shall be equipped. Necessary privacy protection measures shall be taken in lactation areas. Use materials with energy conservation, environmental protection and safety protection functions. The indication signs shall be standardized, complete, clear and eye-catching, and shall not show the patterns, words or propaganda contents of breast milk substitutes.
The regulations also stipulate that if a construction unit of a public place fails to construct a mother and child room in accordance with the regulations, the relevant administrative department shall order it to make corrections within a time limit and impose a warning. If it fails to make corrections within the time limit, it shall be fined not less than 20000 yuan but not more than 50000 yuan.
Financial funds will subsidize the construction of breast milk bank
Liu Xihong, head of the breast milk bank of Guangzhou women and children’s Medical Center, said that breast milk is food and food for normal infants, and medicine for treatment and rescue for sick children, without any side effects. Liu Xihong said that since the establishment of the breast milk bank of Guangzhou Women’s and children’s center, nearly 450 premature and severe infants have received “breast milk nutrition treatment”, and the youngest one has only been born three days. As of August, a total of 25 mother milk warehouses have been established in China, two of which are in Guangzhou.
In the regulations adopted this time, it also encourages and supports medical institutions with conditions and needs to set up breast milk banks to collect breast milk from the society for clinical treatment and scientific research for the use of preterm and seriously ill children in need. To encourage qualified lactating women to donate breast milk to the breast milk bank. Medical institutions shall provide free health examination, safe, hygienic and convenient donation conditions for breast milk donors, and may issue certain nutritional subsidies. City and District People