Ke Jie responds to discrimination against women.


With the gradual improvement of women’s status in China, the corresponding issue of women’s rights has also caused widespread social controversy. Many stars and public figures have expressed some objective views on the Internet, and there are not a few things that have been criticized by the public, including the chess player Ke Jie.
Everyone’s understanding of COE Jie basically comes from his go match with the alpha dog. He represented the most powerful go force in China, and finally he was defeated. Although the game lost. However, people have more understanding of Ke Jie, who has made great contribution to the promotion of Chinese go, although he is still proud of his failure.
However, in her post on related social platforms, Ke Jie was criticized by feminists on the Internet because of the words “most of the young girls are ignorant”. Ke Jie’s microblog, which had not attracted much attention, has recently been ranked first in the hot search list. Under the pressure of public opinion, Ke Jie made a statement on the relevant social platforms to apologize.
The content of the article is probably that I don’t have a professional team to help me design the copywriting. It’s not like those stars are cautious in their words and deeds. And as a chess player, I have achieved little in the industry, so sometimes I don’t pay attention to the details when I speak. In the relevant articles published at that time, the ignorance of little girls is just a casual talk, with no special metaphor or hint.
Don’t put on some strange hats. It can be seen from the relevant responses that although Ke Jie apologized, she still did not understand the online violence on Weibo. The related statement was issued and received many responses from netizens. At present, netizens are still in intense discussion.