SKT team’s first qualifying

The League of Legends S9 Finals will usher in Group C on October 19th. On this day, the four teams will play three games, which is a very cruel schedule. In fact, after the group draw was confirmed, Group C was hailed as the death group. After all, except for CG, the other three teams were top-notch teams. Who can laugh at the finals of the death group?

At present, SKT ranks first in the record of winning all three games. The qualifying can be said to be stable, but I don’t know if I will keep my team’s first position. In the just-concluded Group A match, G2 and SKT also won the third round in the first stage of the group stage, but in the second stage they lost to the GRF in the play-off, and ultimately only in the second group. Advance to the quarterfinals.

RNG is currently 2 wins and 1 loss, ranking second in Group C. In the first game with SKT, Faker’s card made RNG suffer from stealing the tower. I believe that RNG will be more cautious in the second stage of the game. As long as they can beat SKT, they have the chance to become the first team. Of course, this is also very difficult. FNC will not easily give up the opportunity for the group to qualify.

FNC’s current record is 1 wins and 2 losses, the form of qualifying is not optimistic, if they can’t win with the RNG game, basically there is no chance. As for the last CG, they may have announced in advance that they have missed the top eight in the League of Legends S9 Finals.

Overall, the SKT team is as stable as the mountain in the team, and the probability that the RNG wants the team first is very low. At the very least, it is necessary to win the SKT two games in a row. What do you think of this League of Legends World? Dear friends, you can predict the final record of the three LPL teams in the comment area. Friends who like LOL can pay attention to it, Xiaobian will always bring you such information, thank you for your support.