Biden shouts Trump

The “call door” incident around US President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky is continuing to ferment in the United States. According to Reuters news, the 2020 presidential election Democratic candidate Biden will also yell at Trump before the start of a campaign in Nevada on the evening of October 2: You can’t destroy me, I don’t care how dirty your attack is. . And a few hours ago, Trump was also angry at the joint press conference with the Finnish president. The Democrats’ investigation of their impeachment by the “call door” was a “scam”.

“You can’t destroy me, you can’t destroy my family. I don’t care how much you spend, nor how dirty your attack is,” Biden said at the time and accused a statement to reporters before the speech. Trump abuses power.

“He did this because he was like any bully in history, he was afraid,” he added. “He is worried that I will beat him next November.”

A number of US media have previously reported that Trump had pressured Ukrainian President Zelensky during the call to investigate Biden and his son and threatened the US$400 million military aid from the United States. Subsequently, the House of Representatives therefore launched an impeachment investigation against Trump. On October 2nd, Trump was angry when asked by reporters about the impeachment investigation. He denounced the whole investigation as a “scam.”