Ma Rong Denies Pregnancy

Ma Rong wrote late at night denying that she was pregnant, had no ins account, and was not an insider.
On the evening of September 20, Ma Rong wrote on Weibo that she was angry about some pregnancy rumors and said angrily, “Wow! What’s a good day today?” Let’s get together to make false news and make rumors? Is there nowhere to spend the publicity money this year? I hereby clarify: I have no ins account, I am not pregnant, I am not in the circle, do not speak out, refuse to tie up consumption, do not accept rumors.
I will safeguard my legitimate rights and interests through legal channels in illegal places outside the network.
I report online in real name, help @National Network Information Office Reporting Center to crack down on the network evil forces, pull its behind-the-scenes black hands, severe punishment!
What the hell is going on?
Recently, there was a netizen named “super jenny-m-rong” in INS, who sent a message to pregnant mother to welcome the new life. Many netizens have lamented that Ma Rong is pregnant.
Have the courage to be pregnant and dare to be so blatant, and don’t know how to avoid suspicion at all?
Many netizens’Sanguan has been attacked once again, and some people are curious about who is the father of the triplets.
Why did you use this account as Ma Rong?
Because looking at the picture of Ma Rong and her two children, Ma Rong in the picture was kissed by the children, and the content before looking through the account was also commented on diss Wang Baoqiang many times, saying that Wang Baoqiang’s new girlfriend often went to the nightclub, she had never been there. Anyway, she divorced Wang Baoqiang, who Wang Baoqiang wanted to marry? Whoever waits, all kinds of fighting for Ma Rong’s tone.
So no wonder netizens regard this account as Ma Rong. The key is that it has been so long. This account is diss Wang Baoqiang. Ma Rong has never denied that it is not her own account. In addition, this account uses the curiosity of netizens to fish in troubled waters.
I think so. Ma Rong’s divorce got so much property. He ate delicious food and traveled everywhere. He was also very happy. There was no rumor of love.
Although several men seem to have unusual relationships with Ma Rong before, for example, when Ma Rong was hospitalized, who was the man who ran away with Ma Rong on his back, the netizens have not been clear.
And who is Xiaoxiao’s pen that has been washing Ma Rong’s white on the internet? And Ma Rong Weibo trumpet mentions the man who made an appointment, who is it? Anyway, these people have a good relationship with Ma Rong.
Although Ma Rong is not very impressed in most netizens’hearts, if he really wants to marry, there must be no lack of objects, but Ma Rong does not seem to be so anxious, and even if he talks about marriage, there seems to be no such high-profile new love, is it not obvious to look for abuse?
However, the owner of this ins account is really disgusting. He has repeatedly rubbed hot under the name of Ma Rong. Although he has been scolded, he has also increased many fans and maliciously stirred up the relationship between Ma Rong and Wang Baoqiang. Before that, someone pretended to be Ma Rong’s micro-blog and sent a series of things, saying how Wang Baoqiang Ma Rong did it, and finally did it. A big oolong is no more…
Although netizens hate Ma Rong, it seems that those who pretend to be someone else’s rumor maker are no better than Ma Rong.


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