Korea LG and Samsung Mutual Black

After competing to show 8K TV at the consumer electronics show in Berlin earlier this month, LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics of South Korea recently held media conferences in Seoul, South Korea, respectively, on the same day to disparage each other’s TV products on the basis of “protecting consumers’ right to know”.
Wen Cann, CCTV Financial and Economic Special Reporter: Just two days ago, LG Electronics held an “8K technical presentation” in the LG headquarters building behind me. Although nominally speaking, it is actually a demonstration and comparison of 8K TV products, advocating that other companies’technology is inferior to their own.
At the presentation meeting, the reporter saw the QLED 8K quantum TV made by Samsung Electronics. The head of LG Electronics Technology Department said that in 2018 Samsung Electronics 8K TV, the light-to-dark contrast value of the panel had reached 90%, but in this year’s products, this value has dropped to 12%, mainly because Samsung Electronics pasted special film to improve the viewing angle of the TV, which led to the decline of the relevant value.
LG Electronics said that Samsung’s electronic TV viewing angle is not as good as its own, which is no longer a secret.
Lee Zhengxi, executive director of LG electronic marketing department in Korea: With the development of technology, it is sometimes difficult for consumers to understand the actual situation, and they need a measurement standard to be able to buy with confidence.
On the same afternoon, Samsung Electronics also held an “8K picture quality presentation” in Seoul, which responded to LG Electronics’s statement.
Samsung Electronics emphasizes that the concept of contrast between light and shade was proposed in 1927. More than 90 years later, this indicator is no longer suitable for today’s high-pixel displays. What’s more, the picture quality of TV needs comprehensive evaluation from the number of pixels, image processing technology and other aspects. It is meaningless to discuss only one index.
Samsung Electronics also pointed out the shortcomings of LG Electronics 8KQ LED TV, indicating that when the TV broadcasts images and videos captured by 8K camera, the picture will appear Karton.
Long Xiyu, executive director of Samsung Electronics and Video Display Business, Korea: Now with the introduction of 8K TV, the market should also have new standards, and in terms of picture quality, a good indicator does not represent the overall good.
There have been many criticisms in the Korean television industry about the derogatory behavior of the two electronic giants.
Relevant people pointed out that under the circumstances of Japan’s restrictions on exports to Korea and the deterioration of the international trade environment leading to the difficulties of Korea’s electronics industry, Korean enterprises should stop the internal friction debate and make joint efforts to expand the 8K market.


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