New iPhone orders fell by 10% worldwide in the same period, and domestic green once stole goods.

[TechWeb] Appointments for Apple’s latest iPhone 11 series were officially launched on September 15. In addition to Apple’s China official website, the domestic pre-order channels include Tianmao and Jingdong.
According to foreign media reports, the first global orders for the 11 series of iPhones are expected to be around 8 million units this year, down at least 10% from the 2018 models last year. Among them, the iPhone 11 accounts for 60% of the total orders, the iPhone 11 Pro for 10%, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max for 30%.
Although domestic social networking sites on the new iPhone “bath bully” camera Tucao is overwhelming, however, from the domestic large business platform released pre-sale data, the new iPhone is still in demand. Among them, the new green version is the most popular.
The new pre-sold iPhone includes three models, namely, the iPhone 11: white, black, green, yellow, purple and red options. The price of the National Bank of China is 5499 yuan for 64GB, 5999 yuan for 128GB and 6799 yuan for 256GB.
The iPhone 11 Pro has dark sky gray, silver, gold and dark night green options. The price of National Bank is 8699 yuan for 64GB, 9999 yuan for 256GB, 512GB and 11799 yuan for 256GB.
The iPhone 11 Pro Max has dark sky gray, silver, gold and dark night green options. The price of National Bank is 9599 yuan for 64GB, 10899 yuan for 256GB and 12699 yuan for 512GB.
According to the pre-sale data released by Apple Tianmao and Jingdong, the best sellers in the 11 series of the iPhone are the green version and the dark green version, and the dark green version is the fastest out-of-stock.
Among them, on the night of the launch, Tiancat sold over 100 million yuan in a minute, the dark green number of the iPhone 11 Pro was emptied, and Apple’s official flagship store replenished four times. According to data released by Jingdong Mall, the number of subscribers in the 11 series of iPhones has exceeded 16 million, and the total number of reservations for the three types of iPhones has exceeded one million, with pre-sales increasing by 480% over the previous year. The most popular items are the dark green, black and purple of the iPhone 11 Pro.
At present, some people have bought the “Night Green” version of the iPhone 11 on Weibo.


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